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'[OT]: Keil C51 compiler and the new Dallas DS89C42'
2001\04\18@104653 by Edson Brusque


   anyone here is using the Keil compiler?

   Is it really good?

   It costs US$ 4.265,19 here in Brazil (8051 Professional Developer's Kit
DOS & Windows C51 Compiler, C51 Special Libraries, A51 Assembler, BL51
Banking Linker, RTX-51 Tiny, dScope-51 Simulator Windows & DOS, Monitor-51,
mVision Windows, IShell for DOS), but do I need all these tools? It's pretty

   I need a powerfull controller for a new project, so I was thinking about
the 50MIPS DS89C420. Anyone used it?

   Thank you,


Edson Brusque
Research and Development
C.I.Tronics Lighting Designers Ltda
(47) 323-2685  /  (47) 9993-6453
Blumenau  -  SC  -  Brazil

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2001\04\18@134215 by Michael Pont

I've used the Keil compiler extensively.  I'm happy with it, and have found
it easy to use.  The latest version has a greatly improved user interface,
and the compiler IDE is more tightly integrated with the hardware simulator
(debugger).  Personally, I would suggest you get the simulator / debugger,
if you can afford to.  We tend to work as follows (1) compile; (2) run using
the simulator; (3) run on an evaluation board / breadboard (4) run in the
final system.  The simulator can pick up many bugs before you start using
the hardware.

I haven't yet been able to get samples of the DS89C420 (in the UK).  I look
forward to doing so in the next few months: it's an interesting chip.


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2001\04\18@140552 by Peter Tiang

The bare minimum, you'll need the DOS C51 Compiler,
A51 assembler, BL51 banking linker, OH51 Object-Hex
convertor and OC51 banked object convertor.

All of the above is bundled under CA51 Compiler Kit
plus the uVision IDE.

If you use a make utility to build your project, you
can skip the IDE.

Peter Tiang

> {Original Message removed}

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