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'[OT]: Help Needed =) Regarding the Ultrasonic Sens'
2001\01\12@094557 by Erwin Stevanus

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Hi all,
I wanted top build a ultrasonic system for my robot. The range i need for
the sensor is about 5 cm - 2 m.
I have searched through the archive of this mailing list, and I found the
link from one of Matt Bennett e-mail.

Matt wrote:
Check out this page, it looks like what you want:
<> very simple.

I've seen the webpage and have some quiries regarding the ultrasonic sensor.
1. The product code of the sensor is MA40A3R and MA40A3S. However, I
couldn't find such product code in the murata homepage. Can I Use another
product code??
2. I've read the product specification and found that the min. detectable
range is 20 cm. Based on this specification, can I modify the min. range to
about 5cm ??
3. What is the meaning of maximum input voltage 20 Vp-p?? is it 0V to 20V or
-10V to +10V ?
4. According to the specification, the input voltage type can be continuous
or pulse width with interval. What is the difference of the two??

I really appreciate if you all can help me =)
Thank you for your attention.

Erwin Stevanus
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