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'[EE] Interfacing PIC to automotive electrics?'
2000\05\17@210908 by Gennette, Bruce

Hi all,

Probably been explained before, but how do I interface a 5V PIC to the
signals coming from 12V car (and 24V truck) devices like temperature and oil
pressure sensor/senders?

I suspect that cars can use CMOS comparitors set against a trim pot (with
zeners to divert any spikes), but how about truck (or boat) engines using

Could I use voltage dividers to bring the signals down to the 0-5V range and
directly connect to a PIC or TTL gates?

For this first project I'm just looking at the alarm state ( !Ok ), but
later I may want to log all parameters so that a progressive failure can be
spotted (eg cooling water temp hotter each day indicates a growing blockage
in the system or excessively worn pump).

If there is an existing FAQ could someone point me to it please?

Thanxs in advance,

2000\05\19@021208 by Damon Hopkins

"Gennette, Bruce" wrote:
{Quote hidden}

There's an article about the network systems in cars in the current
issue of Circuit Cellar.. If you can't find it let me know I can look up
what the documents are you need. It basically tells you about the 2
major different kinds of car networks and what SAE manuals to get w/ all
the details.  I forget which issue (MAY perhaps april) but the cover is
mostly black :)

Let me know if you can't get ahold of it and I'll throw you some
pointers from the text..

                       Damon Hopkins

2000\05\19@023747 by Plunkett, Dennis

DIS 14230?

Is a few off the top of my head, Which two is it?


> {Original Message removed}

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