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'[EE] Embedded Java'
2000\05\17@092232 by Jon Hylands

On Wed, 17 May 2000 07:42:40 -0500, "Clark, John" <spam_OUTJohnCTakeThisOuTspamININ.COM> wrote:

> I am looking for an inexpensive microcontroller which I can program in Java.
> I have no need for advanced Java features like multithreading or garbage
> collection -- a compiler which would turn Java into assembler would be fine.
> I looked at the Scenix VM, but it has some $25,000 licensing fee.   I did
> see that IBM has a product for embedded Java:

Check out

He has a RTJ that will run on a 68HC11...

Note that his version does include multi-tasking, garbage collection, and
exception handling.


  Jon Hylands

 Project: Micro Seeker (Micro Autonomous Underwater Vehicle)

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