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'[EE] Anyone recognise this connector?'
2011\02\18@083414 by Philip Pemberton

(Apparently the "Correct Identity" Thunderbird plugin has stopped working. Oh happy day.)

Hi guys,

I just bought a pair of Cosel PBA150F-24-XSIMA power supplies from BG Micro. These are 150W, 24V (so 6.5A out) power supplies, with a 100-240V universal input. Small, and apparently pretty well made too -- Nichicon and Chemi-Con capacitors, BIG filter ferrites, and a nice quality PCB.

Problem is, the power inlet and output are via two rather odd connectors. I've never seen anything like them. They're about 10mm deep, with ~1.2mm square pins, and appear to have a basic pin spacing of about 5mm (like a PCB mount terminal block). However, every other pin is skipped, giving a pin pitch of 10mm or thereabouts.

One connector has three positions (two loaded) -- this is the DC output. The other has five positions (three loaded) for the AC inlet (live, neutral and frame ground). Both are single row connectors. There are two polarising notches on each connector:
  5pos connector has both about 5mm in from each end
  3pos connector has one 5mm in from the left and one on the right edge

The front of each connector is angled -- as if the mating connector has a locking latch on it, like an ATX power connector or a Micro Mate-n-Lok. This angle covers the whole top edge, excepting the area where the cutouts are. The bottom edge of each pin is curved -- so the mating plug probably looks like a rectangle with one curved side.

There are no manufacturer markings on the connector at all. I thought it might be a JST-designed connector, but it isn't. It doesn't look even remotely AMP-ish, either.

I've put a photo on Photobucket (I know how much people here hate attachments...!):

Does anyone recognise this thing?

-- Phil.

2011\02\18@095638 by William Bross

picon face
Philip Pemberton wrote:

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Can't identify the mfr. directly but at 5mm spacing and with the sculpted underside, looks very similar to a Phoenix Contact plug-in header.  The only thing stopping you from inserting one of them would be the polarizer on the left inside of the plugs.  Wiedmuller and Molex also make similar style connectors.

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