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'[EE] Labels'
2000\05\16@195058 by William K. Borsum

<x-flowed>Hi All:

Revisiting the subject of making you own professional looking labels.....

I have located a 10-mil thick  polycarbonate film that seems to be working
very well with ink-jet printers.
The printing is done on the back, using a mirror image.  The film is then
coated with the desired background color (regular Krylon or other spray
paint), and a double sided tape or spray adhesive is applied.  Once applied
to the panel, the ink layer is fully protected by the Polycarbonate film.

The resulting label is as good as your layout software will allow (Word,
Protel, Publisher, etc), and resolution of your ink-jet printer.  BUT it is
subject to moisture (ink-jet ink is water based) wicking in around the
edges, and fading if left in full sun for a year.  There is a coating
available that I am exploring that may solve the moisture problem.

The 10-mill film is rather rigid, can cover holes, be "bubbled" to form
membrane switches, left clear for LED's to show through, etc.  This is
basically the same stuff the "pro's" use.

In my case, I even lay out the hole centers and cutouts on the label as
guides for drilling, punching, or routing after the label is applied to the

Here's the problem--I've got to buy the stuff in LARGE rolls. Something
like 3 feet by 120 feet.

THE QUESTION:  is anyone out there interested in buying kits if I get a
roll, and cut it down to 11x17 or 8.5x11 inch size, and include the really
good 3-M adhesive normally used with this type of film?  Don't have an
accurate cost yet, but guessing about $2 per letter size sheet, and maybe
$4-10 for the adhesive depending on the type.  Target price for a kit would
be maybe $25-$50..

If you are interested, please contact me OFF THE LIST, and let me know your
thoughts--sizes, quantities, etc.

William K. Borsum, P.E. -- OEM Dataloggers and Instrumentation Systems
<> & <>San Diego, California, USA


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