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'[EE]:Component Source - Transformer'
2002\02\22@151252 by Steve Kasm

Hi All,

I have a project on the go right now that currently uses a 120/12v 300mA
transformer that I'am using as a step-up transformer on the output, does
anyone know of a source for transformers, I need to get a trans for the
final project with these ratings but with the smallest footprint as



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2002\02\25@225030 by Pic Dude

How about making one?...

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2002\02\25@235819 by Robert Rolf

picon face
Or use a suitable audio transformer as found in OLD cheap transistor
radios. They were typically 10:1 with push pull inputs. Radio Shaft used
to sell them.

Pic Dude wrote:
> How about making one?...
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