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'[EE]:Autotrax PCB software'
2003\03\02@165821 by cdb

I know some of you were interested in Autotrax, only to find it
supported W2K and XP exclusively.

Well according to the support group, the latest version is now W98,ME
compatible, though one person has reported a problem with SE, but
that could be a faulty download.

There is a restriction on the W9x versions, but I can't remember what
it is.

cdb, on 31/03/2002

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2003\03\02@170449 by erholm (QAC)


cdb wrote :
>I know some of you were interested in Autotrax,...

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2003\03\02@172523 by cdb

On Sun, 2 Mar 2003 23:02:55 +0100, Jan-erik Soderholm (QAC) wrote:

I am a little confused at the moment, according to the talk, there is
an error in 1.22 as far as the W9x is concerned and there is a patch
file for download as well. If 1.22A is up then I think this contains
the patch.

cdb, on 03/03/2003

I have always been a few Dendrites short of an Axon and believe me it

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