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'[EE]: turnkey PCB house recommendations?'
2002\02\05@120529 by Scott Newell


Searching for recommendations for turnkey board assembly.  4 layer board,
0805 and sot-23 passives, semis are mostly tsop, ssop, and tqfp (.020"
pitch).  We'll provide gerbers, flash memory (programmed with the self test
app), drawings, and a test fixture.  Quantities aren't too good--250 to
start, maybe 500 or 1000 by the end of the year.  Of the three choices
(quick, good, cheap--pick two), we'd like to have good and cheap.  US
vendor preferred.

Furthermore, what kind of questions do you ask when you're evaluating an
assembly house?  Sample work?  Seems like they're not gonna show you the
stuff they have trouble with.  References?  Failure rate?

I'm sick of sending off a design and hearing that every other boards
requires "touch-up" work by hand to clear shorts.  Of course, it's even
worse to ship a product and get it back a week later because some of the
joints were dry.


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2002\02\05@121813 by David VanHorn

I work for a place called Peripheron, who does this sort of thing.
If you like I can give you a contact.
We've done work for CERN :)

I'm off in new product development, and about 2000 miles from the factory,
so I can't give you much direct data myself.

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