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'[EE]: Stupid specs'
2003\04\30@180156 by Bob Ammerman

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Went to TI's MSP430 'seminar' today. The series has some interesting
features. Taking a close look at the data sheet here are some specs:

Supply voltage: min = 1.8, max 3.6

Max frequency = 8MHz at 3.6V, linearly derated down to 4.15MHz at 1.8V

Now, the way I see it, the only way to run this chip at 8MHz and be within
spec is to have a perfect 3.6V +/- 0V power supply.


On other topic: One interesting spec they pointed out: the input leakage
current on the MSP430 is max 50 nanoamp, They mentioned that this is much
better then their competition. (for example, PIC16F819 is 1 microamp). It is
rather difficult to see how you can create anything useful out of an
PIC16F819  that doesn't draw more current in leakage than chip Idd.

Bob Ammerman
RAm Systems

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