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'[EE]: Serial display modules -- popular?'
2006\03\29@121551 by Spehro Pefhany

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I remember seeing some RS-232-ish serial-input LCD modules in the past.
Are these things popular these day? Is anyone but hobbyists using them?

I'm thinking of something along those lines, so I'm curious as to if and
how they are being used.

Thanks & Best regards,

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2006\03\29@203637 by kravnus wolf

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The problem with serial LCD is the cost. In the East,
Malaysia and Singapore I don't hear much of them.


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2006\03\30@103647 by M. Adam Davis

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They are popular among the basic stamp crowd.  I've created one for my
old serial terminal project (buttons, lcd, controlled through rs-232).

It's fairly easy to make a simple interface chip that would be cheaper
than the additional cost of a native rs-232 LCD, so they aren't
terribly popular except for very simple projects.


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