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'[EE]: SOIC to DIP converter - and TSSOP, etc. Any'
2003\04\24@184457 by Jesse Lackey

This is what I do - fab my own.
However I can't fab TSSOP (25mil pin spacing) type stuff.  Its beyond
press N peel, at least with my "production line".  I can do 10-pins, but
nothing larger, and even then its a tossup.

I've seriously thought about having a bunch made in different sizes at a
boardhouse.  What comes to mind - 10 pins, 20 pins, 28 pins.  These
would be double-sided, with two different pin pitches or body widths on
each side, and sharing the same set of thru-holes on 100mil spacing.  No
DIP pins included; solder whatever into the holes that makes sense
(wirewrap, jumper wires, whatever.)  This way, you get "two adapters in
one" so to speak.  Standard SOIC on one side, TSSOP on the other, etc.

I recently ran across, they will panelize to 12.6" x 7.8",
$104.  This is good for me b/c I have the $600 version of Eagle and
can't output more than 4" x 6".  So for $104 a fair pile of adapters can
be made.

Digikey has "surfboards", which are cheap and fine for small devices,
but nothing over 20pins and no TSSOP.  I've looked at other suppliers
and they are EXPENSIVE (like $22 each!) if you can even find them.

Not sure how many can fit on 12.6" x 7.8" for the 28 pin version - could
probably do an 8x6 grid, so that's 48.  $104 + $8 ship / 48 = $2.35
each.  Not bad.

If I can get a small number (say 8) people to commit to $25 worth of
some mix N match of the 3 sizes, I'd be really tempted to do the work
... no $ up front, just be serious about it.  Will put the pcb layout
on-line somewhere so we can make comments before going for it.



M. Adam Davis wrote:
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2003\04\26@083817 by erholm (QAC)

Are those the packags that Microchip calles
"Plastic Shrick Small Outline (SS)" ?

Jan-Erik Soderholm.

Jesse Lackey wrote:
> However I can't fab TSSOP (25mil pin spacing) type stuff.

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