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'[EE]: Re: Battery Supply selector'
2003\06\24@032115 by Bob Axtell

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Well, the least complex solution is usually the right solution whenever
possible.  If the diode drop is of concern, use a schottky diode. We use a
1N5817 for battery reversal protection. Loss is about 60mV at low current
levels. Its the best solution for this need, an almost universal need.


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2003\06\24@051557 by Picdude

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For simplicity, how about using a 3-pin power jack (with a switch built in), and have that disable power from the battery.  With this though, you have to ensure that the external power supply is not connected, for the battery to be able to supply power to the ckt.

Or the external power could trigger a relay to disable the battery power.


On Monday 23 June 2003 12:28, Michael Milner scribbled:
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