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'[EE]: RC servo connectors'
2001\09\18@120752 by Sean H. Breheny

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Hi all,

I appreciate all your help in the past and I now have another question that
I am confident someone here can answer.

Someone I know has a damaged Airtronics 92185 RC 8-channel receiver, and
I'm helping him to find a replacement. I found a place which sells them,
but they told me there are two versions, one for the "old Airtronics
connector" and another for the "new Z or Futaba compatible connector". I'm
not sure which version I am replacing. The female servo connectors which
need to plug into this receiver have a flat side and a rounded side, so
that when you look at the end which accepts the pins, it can look like a D
or a backwards D. If you hold it to look like a backwards D (flat side to
the right) with the pin-holes facing you, the pinout from top to bottom is
positive, ground, signal.

Can anyone tell me which type of connectors I have? It sounds like Futaba
type pinout to me, but I'm puzzled in that the company I'm buying from says
that the version for the Z connector is actually called 92185Z, and this
receiver definitely says just 92185 (it actually says 92185/72, but I'm
assuming the 72 refers to the frequency range).



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2001\09\18@121922 by Quentin

Sounds like you got the latest one.
Take the links from here:


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2001\09\19@102656 by miked

If from the outside edge it is V+,Gnd,Signal then it is the old style. If it is
Gnd,V+,Signal then it is the new Z type, compatible with Futaba/JR.
JR uses 2 beveled edges for keying, Futaba uses a beveled edge and a tab.
Airtronics FM receivers will work with JR FM transmitters(and vice-versa),
but not Futaba/Hitec.
May be more info at
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