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'[EE]: Nokia 6120 cable connectors'
2001\01\16@015835 by Julio Lira

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Hi every body

I need make or buy a cable for connect my Nokia 6120 with a PC. I want to
know about hardware for this, software that I need, etc...

Please post here or mail me any URL with technical information, construction
instruction, software or other useful information.


Julio Lira

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2001\01\16@203106 by Tweedy Baird

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Hi Julio,
I think you need a 9-pin RS-232 serial connection to be able to
connect the PIC to the cell phone.
This cable is on sale in the following website,
good luck

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2001\01\16@211121 by Kevin Maciunas

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Tweedy Baird wrote:
> Hi Julio,
> I think you need a 9-pin RS-232 serial connection to be able to
> connect the PIC to the cell phone.

No, the cable that Nokia sells has level conversion technology in it.  I
own a 6150 and if you use standard RS-232 levels to the phone you'll
turn it into a non-phone.  There aren't any cheap sources of the whacky
connector on the bottom of the phone that I know of, other than a
personal handsfree kit (which can be had for $US9 over here).

There is some technical information I got by digging via the gnokii
site: but the link there apears to be broken...


PS: DON'T plug the phone direct into the RS-232 port of a machine - it
can be hazardous to your wallet unless you use an appropriate adaptor!!

Kevin J. Maciunas           Net:
Dept. of Computer Science   Ph : +61 8 8303 5845
University of Adelaide      Fax: +61 8 8303 4366
Adelaide 5005

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2001\01\23@132202 by John De Villiers

The level conversion is done via a standard max232 ( or 233 - no external
caps ). There are several circuits on the web for these. What you gotta find
out is if your software needs an M-BUS or F-BUS ( diff. in speed )
connection. I got hold hold of the phone connector by junking a cheap
handsfree kit.

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