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'[EE]: Multiple small object detection (at high spe'
2001\01\22@035343 by Robert Rolf

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Spin Physics SP2000 high speed CCD cameras.
12,000fps to hard drive.

Check also Kodak website. They have a line of ultrafast CCD cameras
for industrial applications.

Also talk to EG&G (Egerton, inventor of the strobe light).
Their engineers can probably point you in exactly the right direction.

Mapping balistics is fairly common, and easy, compared to recording
explosive wavefronts. (and the explosive manufacturers would know about
this kind of stuff).
lists a couple of high speed (1,250,000fps) cameras
sells a lot of stuff including a used S.P. camera (no longer on the web
but was there long enough for Altavista to index it).

My thinking would be to have a high power laser light curtain
(cylindric lenses)to give you a slice of space which the CCD camera
images nearly on axis. Essentially you'd get a lot of bright green
flashes from the pellets as they passed through the light curtain.

You might also run multiple CCD cameras and fire a massive strobe light
as they come through the window. By looking from the sides, in stereo
(or quad)
you'd have the enough info to reconstruct the 3D distribution of
pellets, which I'm guessing is what you're really looking for.

You'd genlock the cameras together and fire the gun just after vertical
sync, and capture the 'low speed' video frame with normal techniques.
Only the strobe is special. (say a millon watts for a millionth of a
If you really wanted multiple frames in one shot, you could use colored
filters on the cameras, and have complimentary filters on the strobes.

You can also get 1/10,000 second frames out of a regular security
CCD camera if it's using the Sharp chipset. Just set up a whole raft of
single cameras and genlock them with offsets that meet your delay
requirements, and LOTS of light. Having a light background (like the
light source <G>) would help

Let us know what you finally end up using.


Anthony Bussan wrote:
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2001\01\23@175726 by Peter L. Peres

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You don't need really high speed cameras or CCDs for one or a few frames.
Just tricks with off the shelf units.


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