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'[EE]: LCD manufacturing'
2003\06\18@100027 by iso-8859-1?Q?=D6mer_Yalhi?=

We have designed an LCD panel and would like it to be manufactured.  I have contacted related offices in my country, but they seem to be slow.  Who should we contact to (preferably in Europe)?  Are all the LCDs manufactured in far east?  Should we contact with them directly?  Any ideas?

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2003\06\18@225555 by steve smith

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Mr. Yalhi;

Most, but not 100% are made in the Far East (Japan, China, Malaysia
etc.) There are tons of suppliers (Sharp, Casio, Hosiden, Three Five
Systems(USA), Seiko, Sony(color), Toshiba(color), Optrex....)  The list
goes on and on and on.  LCD's are a tricky business, the supplier you
pick a-lot depends upon the technology, price, volume you want and the
demands of your application.  
Try Philips LCD Cells and Modules -- if you have lots of volume and cash
to spend; they are really a top-notch supplier - but plan for a slower
turn - they are high quality not always super speedy unless you have an
application large enough to get their attention.  Otherwise look to
Varitronix or Asia Wintek (I like them), for decent lower cost stuff.
Lumex is ok for low cost (TN cells and some STN's), Samsung is also a
very big player, and has the full gambit of technologies.  Philips is
probably the largest LCD maker in Europe.  If you can avoid a custom
design, then it is lower cost (no expensive tooling charges).  
Look to for more vendors, you can find the display industry
directory at this web site.  
On a side note check out the front page story with Sharp's new System
LCD technology - One day we might be programming microcontrollers in LCD
panels instead of programming LCD panels with micros.  
Steve Smith
Electrical Engineer

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