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'[EE]: LCD Help'
2001\04\30@110041 by Mohamed Eldesoky

Hi guys
I have a problem
I have baught an LCD from Germany,and the datasheet was in German,you can say I am lucky.I don't know german.
So I can't understand the datasheet,!!!!!
I want to know how to intialize it and send the text to be displayed to it.
Please if you can help me, it is based on HD44780.  The model is CRM2020    20 character x 2 lines.
I need to know the usage of the pins of the LCD,I know it may be strange question,but I know you can help.
Please,I need urgent help.


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2001\04\30@114935 by michael brown

Not a strange question, but not a hard one either.  Most HD44780 based
displays are the same.  Goto
You should have either 14 or 16 pins on your display if it is parallel
controlled. This should be able to answer all your questions. Good luck!

Michael Brown
Instant Net Solutions

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