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'[EE]: Humidity Sensors'
2001\01\16@172714 by jamesnewton

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then 'code library' -> 'Input / Output' -> 'General Input / Output (not PIC
specific)' (that's the part you missed, I guess) -> 'Sensors'

The problem, of course, is that the FAQ site is SOOOO BIG that its hard to
find things on it...

...but now I finally have Index Server running ok (I hope) so you can just
and enter 'humidity AND sensor' and it will take you there post haste

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'[EE]: Humidity Sensors'
2004\11\30@120201 by alan smith
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Anyone have a line on inexpensive (or maybe that
doesnt exist) humidity sensors.  

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2004\11\30@122431 by Marc Nicholas

Well, you can get some relatively inexpensive units if you're prepared to
do some "heavy lifting" as far as signal conditioning/compensation. You
need to describe your application a bit more, though.

Personally, I decided that sensors like the HIH-3610 from Honeywell of the
SHT-11 from Sensiron were worth the extra cost.


On Tue, 30 Nov 2004, alan smith wrote:

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2004\11\30@140153 by Philip Pemberton

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In message <>>          alan smith <> wrote:

> Anyone have a line on inexpensive (or maybe that
> doesnt exist) humidity sensors.  

Sensirion SHT11 (

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