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PICList Thread
'[EE]: GIF, LZW Patent Issues'
2001\10\15@192133 by Mike Hardwick

I took the liberty of renaming this thread...

Okay, so what the heck *are* people using in commercial embbedded systems
instead of GIF, when they need transparency control and the code
distributions for PNG and MIFF are too unwieldy?

Mike Hardwick
Decade Engineering

>Unisys owns the patent on LZW and specifically permits the use of the LZW
>in the GIF compressors and decompressors for non-commercial use only.
>Commercial use requires a license. This causes many Open Source fans to
>avoid GIF at any cost and many other people to avoid it too. It is not
>clear whether a schematic published in a public forum in GIF format can be
>'commercial use', even if it is posted by a registered firm.

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