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'[EE]: COM4 question'
2003\06\01@020407 by ?q?Debbie=20Hynes?=


This is a dumb question and a bit OT but ....   :(

I had to reinstal Win98 after a crash & my modem, Motorola SM56 Speakerphone,
needs COM4 as its serial port.

OK, I only have COM1 & COM2 and I know COM3 & COM4 are virtual but there
doesn't seem any way to select COM4 from the Control Panel.

So, uh, how do you set COM4? Got me beat.  :(

Thankz if can help - Debbie  :) - Yahoo! Mobile
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2003\06\01@085940 by Tal

No need to set any com.
just install the original driver.
furthermore, if I am not mistake, there is in "control panel" an icon for
the modem where you can set the desired com port.


{Original Message removed}

2003\06\02@133134 by Peter L. Peres

picon face
Add a standard serial port device using add hardware etc. You can add two
if you want (will be com3 and 4). Beware the settings (interrupt sharing


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