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'[EE]: C++ Programming - Basic Question'
2001\01\25@151014 by Saurabh Sinha

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I have three files:

For some reason (anyone know why?), the PC30.CPP cannot run on its own
unless I create a project. Probably, as the Library file is not used in
'normal running' of the program. Using Borland C++ DOS version, I goto
project, add items and add the above files. The program gives me errors - I
don't think its the CPP file - I am told its error free. Could it be any
other 'administration' procedure that I am missing due to the project
creation process?

C++ gives me problems related to LINKING.

If someone can help, can I send the three files (about 77kb in total)?


S. Sinha (Saurabh)
Tel/Fax: (012) 343-4912
E.Mail: spam_OUTssinhaTakeThisOuTspamIEEE.ORG
ICQ: 82010326

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2001\01\26@043027 by JP.BROWN

Hi Saurabh, try setting the memory model to huge (in the compile/link
options).  ----- John

On Thu, 25 Jan 2001, Saurabh Sinha wrote:

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