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'[EE]: Beckman DMM Question'
2020\11\13@160921 by Jim



Does anyone have a Beckman DM27XL Handheld DMM?
If so, would you be willing to take it apart and send me photos of the
switch detent mechanism?
I have one of these meters that I'm working on for a friend and the
detent parts are not to be found.
And there's really no intuitive insight into how it was implemented,
except that in the top of the case around the periphery of the switch
opening, there is a sereis of bumps and valleys that could take a spring
loaded ball bearing to positively position the switch.
But how that spring loaded ball is held in place, and how it is
connected to the switch itself is not apparent. Photos showing how this
is done would be invaluable in getting this meter operational again.

If anyone can help out, let me know via this list and I can supply an
email address that you can send the photos to directly.

Thanks and Regards,




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