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'[BUY]: A short piece of work for someone'
2001\02\08@112255 by Intellicorp001


  My name is Wilson Logan. A few years ago I got a friend to help me build
a data logger based on the PIC 16C74A-04P. Unfortunately, in the final
throws of the project, through no fault of his own he was unable to complete
the thing.

  I've thought about finishing it myself but although I could write the
assembler, the electronics would defeat me.

  I've got 1) A circuit diagram 2) A board design 3) A parts list 4) The
assembler for the microcontroller 5) A delphi program to receive the data
from the logger 6) A prototype (minus the PIC Chip itself).

  As I understand it. The thing is up & running minus some work to get a
real time clock going with it.

  I'm a private individual with limited means but I've got a couple of
hundred pounds worth of a budget to get this finished.

  If anyones interested they can contact me via email at

  I don't mind where in the world you are (I'm in Munich).

       Best Wishes,

              Wilson Logan.

Wilson Logan

Telefon +49 89 636 85754

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2001\02\10@175356 by Jim Paul

picon face
Have you had any luck securing anyone to finish this for you?
If not, I may be able to help.  Let me know.


{Original Message removed}

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