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'[BUY]: 3M ZIP DIP or Similar'
2001\02\19@103201 by Matthew Twomey

I am wondering if anyone knows of a good online vendor where I can
purchase some different kinds of ZIF sockets. I see that 3M makes some
very nice ZIF sockets for DIPs (their ZIP DIP series). I can't even find a
place to order these online. Any help would be appreciated.


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2001\02\19@111123 by jhancock

Don't know about quantities or 3M, but I got a single ARIES Zip 40 pin
(#104029) for my programmer which accepts any size chip ( 0.3 - 0.6 inch
spacing, 8 pin - 40 pin, $10.95/9.95/8.95 for 1/10/100 qty) from Jameco at , catalog pg 50 - don't see 3M listed.


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2001\02\20@005059 by G Child

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Digikey has 3 M sockets

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