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'[AVR]: 15L datasheet and instruction set frustrati'
2002\02\16@143148 by Lyle Killough

Hi Listfolks,

I'm new on the [AVR] list, and I haven't been able to find anything
about this on-line, so please forgive me (and point me to some help) if
this has become a tiresome topic.  I can't imagine I am alone with this

I am wrapping up a design based on the ATtiny15L.  I am absolutely at
the end of my rope on the LOUSY documentation ATMEL provides for this

I just burned up about 15 hours discovering that 'st Z+, Rd' is not a
legal instruction, although it will compile and simulate just fine on
ATMEL's development system (ya gotta 'st Z, Rd', then 'inc ZL').
Further, if you look at the part-specific instructions on the HTML help
files, the 'st' and 'ld' instructions give examples using the X pointer,
not the Z pointer.  As far as I can tell, there is no X or Y pointer on
the 15L.  There is only 2 times that the phrase 'Z pointer' comes up in

Does anyone know where I can get an _accurate_ instruction set reference
for the 15L?

Thanks, Lyle


Lyle Killough

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           Kamloops, BC, V2C 6K7

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2002\02\16@155359 by H. Carl Ott

Hi Lyle,
 First off, I've never done anything with the 15L.

The 15L complete data sheet downloaded from the atmel web site, clearly
shows that there are no x or y pointers. And the instruction set summery at
the end of the data sheet does not show any z+ instruction.

 The generic instruction set that is part of the assembler documentation
shows the instruction set for the entire AVR processor family. And yes I've
been bit by trying to use an instruction that was not implemented on the
particular processor I was using. But it should generate an error.

 There does appear to be an error in the assembler regarding  the 15l
 A couple of quick tests with the following test code.

.device ATtiny15
        st      z+,r16

does not generate an unsupported command error

If we change the device to ATiny11 or 12, it does generate an error
ATiny28 does not generate an error.

Something is wrong here.

 Not too much help, but I might also suggest the forums over at avrfreaks
for additional on-line help and support.

BTW the data sheet I used to check the atiny15L  instruction set was
downloaded from:
And the version of avrstudio I'm using is 3.51.



At 11:31 AM 2/16/2002, you wrote:
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Henry Carl Ott   N2RVQ
Non calor sed umor est qui nobis incommodat.

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2002\02\16@180343 by Lyle Killough

Thanks for the feedback Carl.

I also agree that the instruction set summary at the end of the 15L data
sheet excludes X and Y, but if you look under the Help file of AVR
Studio, (I'm using 3.52), under the _device-specific_ instruction set
for the ATtiny15L, there is no mention or example of the Z pointer for
LD or ST, but it does cover LD/ST X/X+/-X, which is clearly an error.  I
erroneously believed that the device-specific instruction set in the
help file is truly device-specific.   (I'd love to be able to print the
instruction set, not just the summary, so I can scribble all over the
things that are not true.)

All of the moaning aside, this is the core of a new product line, and
there will be other issues down the road.  I am still looking for
reliable reference material on the ATtiny processor family.  Anyone know
of any books?


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