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'[AD] Programmer support for 16F9xx added'
2006\03\23@160727 by olin piclist

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The EasyProg and ProProg PIC programmers (
now support the 16F9xx PICs.  These are the PICs with the built-in LCD

Those of you with existing units that want this support have to download
that latest host code from  You may
also need to upgrade the firmware, although this latest release adding
support for the 16F9xx does not include new firmware.

Embed Inc, Littleton Massachusetts, (978) 742-9014.  #1 PIC
consultant in 2004 program year.

2006\03\23@172654 by Mauricio Jancic


Mauricio Jancic
Janso Desarrollos
(54) 11-4542-3519

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