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'[AD]: Ex Co-op student for hire'
2003\04\12@030208 by Brendan Moran

Another post similar to the first, but slightly different.

In the wake of Jai's posting, I thought I'd mention my own job search.

I'm a recent graduate of BCIT in the Electronics Engineering Technology
program, in the Computer Control option   I graduated second in my class,
and have the Co-op endorsement.  I am looking for a position in the Greater
Vancouver region in British Columbia, Canada.

While I haven't completed many projects outside of school due to the
facilities that I have access to, I am a contributing developer for the
CUMP project (

I have competed in 2 years of the Skills Canada competition, in the
electronics category, placing 3rd in BC in 1999, and 2nd in Canada in 2000,
both in the secondary division.  I will be competing again this year in the
post secondary division.  These competitions are primarily based around
hands-on type skills; they do have a theoretical component, but it is only
worth ~25% of the total in the competition.

I have experience with several MCUs, including the PIC (though on this
list, that should go without saying).  I have done VHDL designs for
SPLDs.  I have written ladder-diagram based programs for PLCs, and I have
worked with power control and electrical machines in BCIT's power lab.

I won't go on any further than this, if anyone wants more information from
me, private email would be more appropriate.

I'll stop wasting bandwidth now.


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