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PICList Thread
2003\06\23@070013 by Dominic Stratten

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Get a Picstart+ first of all from Maplins they are around #160 inc vat. It
will save you a lot of time and effort programming the Pics and is supported
directly from MPLAB.

Then buy a shedload of Pics from - go for some 16F628's
to start with as they have an internal oscillator and are very easy to use.
Also look at 16F876 for A2D work and USART. Grab some low end 18F series
(I've never used them but a lot of people on here will say to start with
them instead of the 16F series). Some MAX232's are always useful and if you
want a decent development board, try the Millenium board at Farnell - I use
one myself and its a godsend for quick prototyping.

Finally pick up some 3 lead resonators in 4mhz and 20mhz varieties - they
are only 0.35ukp each and save a lot of hassle over using xtals ;-)


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2003\06\23@071507 by John Nall

At 10:59 AM 6/23/2003 +0100, you wrote:

> >     I'm absolutely new to pics. I work as an electronics/IT tech.
>Gotta spend some money before the end of the budget year.
>I do not not have much time to do the research into what I should buy.
>..... I just want to expand my workshop into working with pics. I
>hope somebody can direct me . Otherwise, I'm gonna buy the wrong stuff.

There are a couple of very informative sites for beginners, that I am aware
of.  (Most likely there are about a zillion more, but these two are my


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2003\06\23@105944 by Tom Messenger

My suggestion: get the PICDEM2 PLUS evaluation board along with the ICD2
debugger module.  Digikey sells these together for $229US.  I think they
are available directly from Microchip also.

The demo board has 3 picchip sockets: 40 pin dip, 28 pin dip and 18 pin
dip.  It has pushbutton switches, led's, an lcd and a prototyping area.  It
comes with a PIC18F452 chip and one other. Example programs are on a CD.

Hook this up with the ICD2 and you can start writing/debugging code
*immediately*.  I bought one to learn about the 18F452 chips; it works
great.  There is enough demo code on the CD's included to get you going
right away. And the setup works as a chip programmer as well.

Digikey part number: DV164006-ND
Microchip  part nuamber: DV164006
KIT EVAL ICD2 W/PICDEM2 PLUS Microchip Technology In Circuit Debugger ICD2
Module, Cables, Power Supply & PICDEM2TM Demo Board ICD2 $229.00

My guess is that since this is a standard Microchip part, you can find it
in the UK.

Tom M.

At 10:59 AM 6/23/2003 +0100, you wrote:
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ways.  See for details.

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