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PICList Thread
'(OT) BarCode'
1997\09\16@095752 by Scott Horton


3 of 9 is probably a good way for you to go.  Lot's of stuff avail on it.  It
has the same width "spaces" and 9 bars (3 are wide, 6 are narrow), start and
stop characters and an optional check digit.

Try these bar code links:

Let me know if they help.

P.S. I have a very nice long range CCD barcode scanner for sale.  Much eaiser
to use than a wand.  No moving parts, used 3 hours, scans up to 7" from code.
It has a keyboard wedge or "raw" decoded output.  In the box with all manual's
etc.  Private E-Mail me if you (or anyone) is interested.

Email to:  scott.horton@global(NOSPAM)
(Remove the "(NOSPAM)" from the address above)


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