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'(OT) ANNOUNCE parser'
1998\10\11@183531 by Scott Dattalo

As I promised last week, I've edited my parser program and made it
compilable with gcc (the gnu c-compiler). I stripped out all of the
Borland junk, so it should be more standard now. (In other words, I
haven't tried, but I strongly suspect, that you can compile it with the MS
C++ compiler, the newer Borland Compilers, etc.)

Just a little background... The parser is really just an algebraic to RPN
converter. I originally wrote it so that I could parser algebraic
expressions in Laplace transforms. So the idea is that the an algebraic
expression can be provided as a string, then parsed and tokenized and
cached for later efficient use.

So, I doubt that it could serve as a basis for 'gpforth'... but you never


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