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'(OT) A 24 bit 8-pin AD'
1999\11\20@043331 by MEDICINTEKNIK KB

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I lost the thread now, but some time ago someone enquired about a 16 or 24 bit serial bit AD. I had a suggestion, but couldn't find the info I was thinking of at that time (about a month ago). Anyway I came across the data   sheet now - coincidently.

The LTC2400 from Linear technology looks good to me (haven't tried it). This is a high accuracy device; NOT a fast one (15 Hz). 1000 pieces costs $ 6.95 ea. SO 8 package.

So - whoever out there that asked for a high res serial AD - check out:

Sven in Sweden

1999\11\21@153545 by Tom Handley

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  Sven, I've been using the LTC2400 in a PIC-based DVM/DAQ project for a
few months and I can't give the chip enough praise. It's extremely easy to
talk to and it's accuracy is outstanding. Then there is the built-in
oscillator, notch filter optimized for 50/60Hz or user-defined frequencies,
sign and overrange status, extended input range, and all this in an SO-8
package. I'm only using the 16 MSBs. They now have an LTC2408 which is
basically a 2400 with an 8-channel Mux. I talked to my Linear rep about a
2408 EVM but apparently they don't have one yet. Wagner is also working with
the 2400. If anyone has any questions about it, I'm sure Wagner or myself
can help. Note, Wagner uses standard MPASM and I use CVASM with it's
Intel-style (Parallax) syntax.

  Note to Wagner: Sorry to volunteer you but you are so `prolific' in your
replies that I didn't think you would mind ;-)

  - Tom

At 10:33 AM 11/20/99 +0100, Sven in Sweden wrote:
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Tom Handley
New Age Communications
Since '75 before "New Age" and no one around here is waiting for UFOs ;-)

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