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"Neat" Panels?
"The truth about Atmel", anyone have?
(Kein Betreff)
(no subject)
(OT) Tasmanian PicListers
? about mpsim and uart simulation. how do i simula
[ADMIN] PICList Content
[FW: GNU H8 Mailing List] Shortages all around...
[Fwd: Alternatives to PIC processors?]
[Fwd: Assembler]
[Fwd: Motorola or Zilog low cost processors?]
[Fwd: PIC arkada~} ar}yorum...]
[O.T.] Re: Email charges by the USPS?
[OT/FYI] SMT Land Pattern Calculator
[OT?] Retro-Computer
[OT?] Retro-Computer - paper tape reader
[OT?] Smaller was Retro-Computer
[OT?]paper tape systems
[OT] A plea for focus. . .
[OT] Free East Timor!!!!!
[ot] another free editor
[OT] Re: [OT] Thenk yow arll
[OT] "Neat" Panels?
[OT] "Neat" Panels? -Reply
[OT] : Knob and Tube wiring is deadly.
[OT] 2-4 wire hybrid
[OT] 2kVolt from battery
[OT] 4x4 Hex Keypad
[OT] Abuse.. was Re: A/D Challenge Summary
[OT] Art of Electronics (was Re: line powered devi
[OT] ASIC thread.....ILSI ?
[OT] Atmel AT89C2051 port drivers
[OT] Atmel lists [was re: ~!@#$% Happy ... ]
[OT] Australian Analog Devices suppliers
[OT] Automotive diagnostic Book
[OT] Avoiding relays on NE555 Timer circuit
[OT] Avoiding relays on NE555 Timer cirucit
[OT] balanced filter stuff
[OT] Bit-bang a peripheral's PCI bus
[OT] Blatant Advertisement
[OT] Cloths Driers was Muscle contraction. was: c
[OT] Cloths Driers,Muscle contraction,cats,and cow
[OT] COBOL melt-down
[OT] Compiling an assembly file for a Microchip EE
[OT] Dataloggers with Ethernet
[OT] Dissimilar metals
[OT] Documents for Type 531A Tektronix Oscilloscop
[OT] Does microchip do ASIC conversions?
[OT] DOS characters in windows
[OT] DS14C232CN (~MAX232) cap values?
[OT] Earth Grounds--a parable for our age
[OT] Earth Grounds--a parable for our times
[OT] EL Backlit LCD
[OT] Embedded keyboard controller product
[OT] Employment
[OT] Fluke 99B in Dumas, Texas
[OT] Free East Timor!!!!!
[OT] Happy - was Re: ~!@#$% Happy again
[OT] Hole Hawg (long), [was Re: [OT] Some tips and
[OT] household wiring connections
[OT] HP-2500CP drops Arcs past 27"
[OT] I2C patent
[OT] I2C vs. SPI question
[OT] Industrial applications - DOS or Windows?
[OT] Information about IR remotes
[OT] Junk Shops
[OT] line analizer
[OT] line analyzer
[OT] List Test
[OT] Load cell averaging
[OT] Logic Analyzer
[OT] Magnetic Field
[OT] Magnetic Field, grass eating PIC
[OT] Magnetic Field, grass eating PIC,
[OT] Magnetic Field, grass eating PIC, black holes
[OT] MChip F___ Up!
[OT] MLAs [w: OTP DS]
[OT] MP3 player for cars
[OT] Muscle contraction.
[OT] Muscle contraction. was: cats! -Reply
[OT] Muscle contraction. was: cats! -Reply
[OT] Need Protel Advanced PCB design V2.5 componen
[OT] New Digital Audio specs? SDMI? MP3?
[OT] New message from Listserv
[OT] ORCAD V3 - how to set the required plotter
[OT] OScopes
[OT] Pager Transmitter
[OT] Pager Transmitter -Reply
[OT] PCB design software
[OT] PIC based device powered from the RS232 PC po
[OT] PICList (was Re: A plea for focus. . .)
[OT] Rain Detection
[OT] RAM compatable?
[OT] Re: 16F84-4 at 10 Mhz CLK is it possible?
[OT] RE: A plea for focus. . .
[OT] Re: A plea for focus. . .
[OT] Re: A public apology
[OT] RE: A public apology
[OT] Re: A/D Challenge Summary
[OT] RE: Caller ID specifications
[OT] Re: MChip F___ Up!
[OT] Re: Parallax to Microchip mnemonic translator
[OT] RE: reflectometry.. measuring the length of a
[OT] Religion / Politics, etc.
[OT] Retro-Computer
[OT] Screw caps
[OT] Second Chance. Light headedness and quantum p
[OT] Second Chance. Maxwell's Demon and NOT Church
[OT] Second Chance...
[OT] Serial Interface Question [PIC related]
[ot] sfh506-36
[OT] Smartcards
[OT] SMT Soldering revisited
[OT] Software emulation of hardware indicators wit
[OT] Some tips and tricks when thinking about H-br
[OT] sort of. 16 bit Microcontroller
[OT] Source on a couple of power supplies
[OT] Spinning LED Display
[OT] suggestion for dealing with "noise"
[OT] Thank you all
[OT] Thenk yow arll
[OT] Tjaart is in Silicon Valley
[OT] T-shirt printing - WAS: PICLIST T-Shirt
[OT] Unrestricted info on ICP of Lattice ispLSI?
[OT] Vibration and PCB's
[OT] Video signals
[OT] Why mix lead and gold? (was Re: FFT engine in
[OT] Wireless network via cordless phone
[OT]cellular modems
[OT]Dissimilar metals
[OT]need BA1404 datasheet
[OT]Need Help Evaluating Protel
[OT]PCB book?
[OT]Re: PIC and USEnet
[OT]sort-of Re: Rs232 Monitor Programs and port se
[OT]transformers, was: PIC and Car MP3 Players
[OT}Rotary Encoders (was Re: A/D Challenge)
[paulb@midcoast.com.au: Re: Binary to ASCII]
[PICList Admin] False "Rejected" messages...
[PICList Admin] possible service problems?
[SOT] Shield or unshield RS485 link?
[way OT] flying
[WOT] AN: a new,
[WOT] Christianity questioned (was: Re: Accelerome
[WWWWWWWWOT] Re: Free East Timor!!!!!
{OT] simple comms program
{OT] simple comms program - summary
~!@#$% Happy again
~!@#$% Happy again (also [OT] Mchip f__k up)
<OT> MAGNETIC FIELDS - Static Levitation
<Way OT>free computers
<Way OT>free computers - Cable Internet
0-1v analog output
100Khz filter?
12c508 adapter
12c508 oscillator, and piclist
12c508/9 sites
12c509 OSCAL read procedure before UV erase?
16c622A RC oscillator problems
16C65x confusion still
16C74 SPI slave mode problem
16C74A problem (dual Vdd,Vss??)
16f84 in-circuit programming
16F84-4 at 10 Mhz CLK is it possible?
16F876 and 874 In stock!!!
16F877 Programming difficulties
16F87x ICD
16F87x ICD - how did I miss it?
16F887-20s available
16F887-20s available (877)
20*2 LCD Interfacing
24LC00 + 12C508 die = 12CE518
2-wire/4-wire I/F
2x8 character LCD
3.3Vcc on MAXIM
32khz signal
38400/19200 baud two way RS232 serial routine for
4004 on PIC?
6HP motor controller [OT]
7 -segment displays
8051 and PIC families
87x proto boards.
A plea for focus. . .
A public apology
A/D Challenge
A/D Challenge ... Redux
A/D Challenge Summary
About 16F877-04/P
About pic 16c621
about picmaster 16L proble
AC fan speed control ideas
AC vs DC -- The final word ?
Accelerometer source(s) needed
Adapting a HP 7221C flatbed plotter for drilling P
Addressable serial port - 9 data bit RS485
All those PIC's
Also creating a delay
Alternatives to PIC processors?
ANNOUNCE: gpasm-0.0.7d
ANNOUNCE: gpsim-0.0.16
Another 16F877-20/P at eBay.
Any PIC-based jobs ?
Any PIC-sters in the Nurnberg area?
AP Circuits PCB prototypes
as I make to leave the list
ASCII data transmission via RFM Transceiver
Assembly codes
Atmel 89C52 Compatible micro?
Atmel AT89C2051 port drivers
Automotive diagnostic link
Automotive diagnostic link - better yet
Automotive diagnostic link - For Fords
Automotive diagnostic link - For Honda's???
Availability problems
Avoiding relays on NE555 Timer cirucit
Basic Stamp One commands converted to MicroChip co
Basic stamps and clones
Beginner's guide to FFT
Binary to ASCII
Binary to ASCII - done
Binary to BCD algorithm
Binary to BCD algorithm (2)
BRGH INFO (Was Which Microchip PICs have the BGRH
Bridge Measurement Circuits - info sought
Caller ID specifications
Caller ID specs (again)
Calm down- PICS NEED INPUT!!
Can't think of a title!!!
Cat! amongst the pigeons!
cats! -Reply
cats! -Reply (tesla)
cats! -Reply -AC vs DC power
CCS - Setup_counters() and OPTION registers
Cheap CPU's [OT]
cheap hard disks [OT]
Cheap Linear potentiometer
Cheat-cheap FFT:
Chip Finder
Chip on board assembly (wire bonding)
chipfind website
class D audio amplifier
Cmos Digital Camera
column of dots LED?
Compiling an assembly file for a Microchip EEPROM
Connect the Keyboard to PORTC?
Controlling Brushless DC motors
Controlling MOTORS without encoder!!
Cost of surface mount devices
Counter 0 to 999
Counter 0 to 999 and 74HC164
Covering JW part windows.
Creating a delay
Dallis Ibutton & Pic's
data over DC power lines
Decoding LEGO remote control
Difference between PIC 16c54 and 16c54a ;D Tait pr
Digital Data Logger needs LPT specs
Ding Dong!
Ding Dong! I2C calling!
Dinsmore 1655 Analog Based Compass 7 PIC?
disassemble hex
Dissimilar metals
DMX Receiver using a PIC chip
DMX-512 lighting controllers
Doing percentage or ratio-Thanks
Doing ratio or percentage
Driving a high voltage H-bridge from a PIC
Driving a pi‘zo sounder
DTMF decoder with a PIC
EL Backlit LCD
El Cheapo Version 3.1 is available
Email charges by the USPS?
Emulator prices
EPROM Problem
Erase 12c509 with Sun
erasing JW pics and reprogramming
Errors with P16Pro
Errors with P16Pro and Programming 16C505
ESC meeting place
ESC meeting place Third annual PIC I2I
ext INTERRUPT in PIC12C672 - 1 or 0?
External Interrupt on 12C672
External Interrupt on 12C672 -- Followup
F87x In Cirquit Debugger resources
FCS calculation method needed.
FFT engine in Hi-Tech C
FFT engine in Hi-Tech C - resend due to typos
Free East Timor!!!!!
Free East Timor!!!!! -Reply
FSK Modem
Fuel Injector pulse measurement
Fume Extraction Systems
Fw: chipfind website
FW: Could I ask your advice?
Fw: Free Data Acquisition
FW: Help! 6 wire Stepper motor wire hookup- differ
FW: HUD with LEDs?
FW: intel 4004
FW: Newbie: INTRO & PIC16F84 8 i/o controller Help
Fw: Re: R[OT]FL - Sun invents the mainframe comput
Fwd: Re: [OT] "Neat" Panels? [Infected with HAPPY9
getting low off floating imput
Getting off this list
Getting off this list (unsubscribble pukelist)
GPL'ed 32-bit division routine with BCD output for
GPS rollover & play dead
grounding oscillator on pic12c508
HC11 srecord upload
Heaps of new linux programmers
HELP : ALL-07 (flex 700) uni. programmer adapters
Help comprehending 16F8X data sheet
HELP with 16f877
Help! 6 wire Stepper motor wire hookup- different
Help! PIC12c508a programming problem..
HEX Files and LCD contrast
HI7191 handshaking problem
High clock rates
how to operate LCD
How to Setting Unused Pins ver VERY low power apps
How to suspend mails for some time
HUD with LEDs?
HUD with LED's?
I neet tons of advice on PICs in robots
I2C read
I2C Realtime Clock Problem
I2C WITH 16F877
IC2...Ram Chips
ICD Header erroneous - Warning
ICE2000 Processor Module?
Icepic for sale
Implementation of DES in PIC
Increment/Decrement a 16 bit number
infos. request
intel 4004
Interesting PLL clock question
Interesting Product - osziFOX
Interfacing pic to PCMCIA SRAM card
Internal oscillator, AW CRAP
Interrupts using PICs with Common RAM
Interrupts using... NOW 16FF87X doc errors
IR beam detection
IR Remote Control
IR Tx-Rx
IrDA implementation
IrDA protocol
Is I2C fully implemented?
July 1999 technical library CD-ROM
just how fast is a PIC?
keyless entry
Knob and Tube wiring
Labels Revisited--adhesives this time
LCD contrast
LCD drivers
line powered device
linear pots
Linux PIC programmers, Beta testers wanted.
LINUX TM4 code posted.
List of Different CAD programs
List question
Locating objects using sound (was Re: (no subject)
Looking for I2C-bus controller
Looking for MPASM User's Guide
looking for PID algorit
LPRS radio modules
Manufacturing Sticker Shock
Match12 FREEWARE editor supports CC5X C Compiler
MChip F___ Up!
MChip F___ Up! - alternatives
MChip F___up!
Melabs PicBasic help needed
Message ("Your message dated Wed, 8 Sep 1999 18:28
Microchip ADC's
Microchip late on delivery...was mchip f&*$ up
MicroController Design Contest.
Migrating to OTP 8 pin parts with EEPROM
modem w/DTMF, CLIP, RING, etc
moisture sensor
More new SimmSticks coming.
More on PIC shortages: Reply from Microchip
More snippets
More stepper problems
Motorola or Zilog low cost processors?]
MPC examples?
MPC examples? (followup)
MPLAB C17 and interrupts
MPLAB crash
MPLAB Example Bombed
MPLAB question #497
MPLAB Simulator Pin Stimulus
MPLAB, Log to file watch window contents...
multifunction ICSP programmer
Multiple PICs
Need a PIC burned
Need a speedometer
need help with goto statement
Need someone for PCB layout.
New Proto PCB for PIC16F87x family. SimmStick Comp
Newbie! Time Delays
Non-Mercury Tilt Switches - Save the Whales
Not Pic. But in need of help.
Not read: IR barrier and sunlight
Obsolete practices, was [OT]Dissimilar metals
Optimized binary to BCD Conversion
Opting out
Optrex LCD Display
Orcad part files for 16F877
ORG 2000H
OT - Surface mount production equipment
OT 2kVolt from battery
OT about OT
OT about OT and according to most here [OT]
OT AM antenna
OT Mini Rf Xmitters
OT Tjaart
OT upd765 Intel8272A programming help
OT Video cameras
OT: EagleCAD PIC library
OT: Globalyst 250 Laptop
OT: Molding plastic enclosures
OT: Orcad 7.20 schematic conversion needed.
OT: Sharp HL5168
OT:intel 4004
OT:OT:..Refference circuits
OTP Development strategies
p16pro programming failure
Palm Pilots and other Palm PDAs
Parallax to Microchip mnemonic translator
Parallel port UART?
PC AT keyboard add-on using PIC16F84???
PC Boards
PC Motherboards [OT] Was: Car MP3 Player
PC Power Suply to PIC Programmer?!?
PC-AT keyboard add-on #2
PCB design software
PCB routing/drilling/milling machine?
PCB Vendors, Very Low Cost Prototypes
Phase error
pic + pdiusbd12
pic + usb
pic + usb -Reply
Pic 12c5XX between -5v and gnd?
pic 16c73a/73b and pic 16f873
pic 16c74 I2C
PIC 16F84 + 24C16
PIC 16F84 Programmer Person
PIC and a 240x64 LCD
PIC and Car MP3 Players
PIC and Car MP3 Players (PSU's)
PIC and Car MP3 Players [getting OT]
PIC and Palm Pilot
PIC and USEnet
PIC as a 1k bit banger buffer
PIC ASM Cross Converter?
pic assembler
PIC Basic
PIC doing Sound Recognition?
PIC history, PIC1650, AY-3-8910, SP0256 et al.
PIC ICE for Mac?
PIC motor control.
PIC Newbie question
pic programmer for 16f84
pic programmers(so many ??)
PIC project with lots of vibration - Best Sockets?
PIC project with lots of vibration -Cordwood
PIC Servo control application note
PIC to DDS control ap?
PIC+USB To all concerned
PIC12C508A Gang Programmer / Service
PIC16 series emulator ?
PIC16C74 I2C
PIC16c74 I2C
pic16f628 - only projekt ?
PIC16F84 AT 9.6MHZ
PIC16F877 unreliable start up
PIC16f877's up on ebay.
pic16f87x proto boards.
PIC16X84 to read smartcards
Pic17c43 USART problems
PIC17C766 ???
PIC18Cxxx Availability
PicBasic Pro 2.12 update or not?
PICF877 pin 11?
PicList (JosŽ Souto)
PICList Administrativa: Small weirdness, and a fix
PICLIST Digest - 2 Sep 1999 to 3 Sep 1999
Piclist Question
PICLIST, Reply-To:,
Portable logging device power source.
POTS interface
Power consumpttion of PIC 16 series?
power supply control
PP+ pinouts to program 16C92x
PRIVATE & PUBLIC Re: [OT] Thank you all
Problem with macros in relocatable code
problems, polling
programming 16C5X jw
programming p16F876
Programming PICs
Programming PIC's
Project Revu, Chip Selection
Pseudo-random number generation.
punch card readers
Question about programing of PIC16F877
Question about programing of PIC16F877
Question: Linux Resources for PIC development (and
Quick Poll
R: Re: Controlling MOTORS without encoder!!
R: Transmit Data
R[OT]FL - Sun invents the mainframe computer
RA3 Problem
RA4 is driving me crazy
Random Noise generator, UPDATE
random switching 6 to 10 leds singularly
RC Charge time
RC Oscillator at 3V
RC_wait with a PIC
re Motorola or Zilog low cost processors?
RE(2): Covering JW part windows.
Re[2]: [OT] Spinning LED Display
Recommending Parts [was: Re: [OT] sort of...]
reflectometry.. measuring the length of a cable
Relative Humidity Sensor
Retaining User Settings In EEPROM
RF communication
RF transceivers
Rs232 Monitor Programs
RS232 revisited
rs232 routines
rs232 routines: FOUNDED
RS232 Timing
RS-232 to RS-485 convertor, who posted one?
rs-232 w/o level convert?
RSA with PIC ?
Scenix and TCP/IP
Searching for Philips 89C51RX+ ISP Programmer's PC
Serial between Connection BsIIsx And a Pic 16F84
Serial comunication using PIC16X84
Serial Interface Question [PIC related]
Serial Problems w 16C77
serial programming of the f84
Series of PICS
sfh506-36's, found 'em
Sheet metal fabricators
SimmStick Power Supply and RS-232 Comms.
Simple FFT for audio analisis
Simple HA System
SLEEP command help/problem
SLEEP problem
Small Oscillators
SMT Soldering revisited
solid state switches for signal wires
Some more questions.
Somebody have source code of pic assembler???
Sony Unilink data
Sound directions
Sound recognition module?
Sound source angle detection
Sourcing too much?
Start and Stop Bits
Starting with serial Tx and Rx.
Stepper and encoder
Stepper code sample for half step- Strange stepper
Stepper Motors
Stepper Motors - Motorized pots
Stepper strategies--position control
Still PIC12C508A programming problems..
Tait 5x programmer software
tapping xtal oscillator
TCP/IP on a Scenix SX!
Tech America
Thank you Bob !!!!!! was : Re: [OT] Thank you all
Thanks for the replies
Thanks To All...
Thanks To All... [OT]
thanks warning happy99 virus contamination
the PIC archive
The realtime PICLIST archive?
The truth about Scenix (was "The truth about Atmel
this is driving me crazy
this is driving me crazy --- Thanks
Timecode decoding?
Timer1 in async counter mode...
Tjaart's bloody web page!
tm4 and FreeBSD
TPS "rate of change" sampling equation
transferring data
transferring data : Two-Way with One Pin
Transmit Data
UARTS with 12-bit data lengths
Universal PID controller using 16f73b
uP with clock/calendar ?
uP with clock/calendar?
urgent FFT help
Urgent FFT help would be much appreciated
usart problems
USART problems....
USB Info.
Using drive B connector per a PIC
VB: pic + usb
Vertical PCB Non-Mercury Tilt Switches - Save the
Voltage scaling
Wanted: 16C558/04, DS1820, MAX232CPE
warp-13 programmer
Way [OT] HPGL driver for Win NT 4.0
way [OT] Tjaart
WG: IC2...Ram Chips
What to do with PINs not used
What to do with PINs not used - good explanation b
whats palm pilot ?
Where are the PIC16F876?
where to get 16f84's
Where to get PIC16F84A-20's?
Where to store strings?
Which Microchip PICs have built-in serial?
Which Microchip PICs have the BGRH bug?
Which Programmer To Use?
Who has 16F876s?
Who has 16F876s? (or 16F873s)
Will Make Front Panels for Food
Will Make Front Panels for Food---- How To Reply??
window appl for cmd line interface for Promate?
WOT: (was Re: cats! -Reply)
Writing data to PIC16F84 from PC
X10 & PIC
YAP LVT827 ???
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