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"Plant out of water project"
"Smart Fabric, or Washable Computing" uses PIC
(Fwd) Rejected posting to PICLIST@MITVMA.MIT.EDU
(no subject)
(OT) Hot Wire
(OT) Timekeeper (R) RAM alternative ?
[??] Help needed with Keypad shown in photo
[a little OT] PDA screen.
[OT/MS Humor] Improved BSOD
[OT] Battery Pack Fundamentals
[OT] EL Back lighting ( was Indiglo )
[OT] EL Backlighting ( was Indiglo )
[OT] LED Display
[OT] .COD file found bug in WinZIP!
[OT] Airspeed
[OT] Anyone tried to play with ICS2008A timecode c
[OT] anything better than Schottky?
[OT] Are ULN 2803 Darlington drivers Back-EMF proo
[OT] audio (LF?) phase detecting
[OT] Best PC Board Etching Resist Method
[OT] Best PC Board Etching Resist Method (was: hp7
[OT] boundary scan and JTAG
[OT] consulting, schooling
[OT] Could someone send me Digest back-versions?
[OT] Creating multiple image Gerber files
[OT] digests wanted
[OT] Driving 6v DC motor with 12v power supply
[OT] EL Backlighting
[OT] EL Backlighting ( was Indiglo )
[OT] EL Inverters for sale
[OT] Encryption going forward
[OT] Flowchart Program
[OT] Generating 24VDC from 11VDC
[OT] High Power Voltage Regulator
[OT] Hot Wire
[OT] Identify this serial bus protocol please
[OT] Indiglo
[OT] LCD displays - source, and help ID'ing anothe
[OT] LCD Laptop Display Search
[OT] List filtering [was: Beware!...]
[OT] Mail Problems test for someone (Way_OT)
[OT] Newbie Phases
[OT] On-screen display
[OT] Opamp problem
[OT] Phase delay of square wave
[OT] Please help! Subject: uPD7807
[OT] PWM and coreless motors
[OT] PWM Servo Directions
[OT] PWM Servo Directions (long)
[OT] Re: Weird, Wacky, Zany PIC applications
[OT] RE: Bad email format?
[OT] RE: Beware : VIRUS ALERT !!! This is not a jo
[OT] Re: Command Parser
[OT] Re: Multi tasking instructor-tangent
[OT] Re: Multitasking instrucntor
[OT] Re: protecting 'user connected' adc inputs?
[OT] Re: Weird, Wacky, Zany PIC application
[OT] Re: Weird, Wacky, Zany PIC applications
[OT] RE: Weird, Wacky, Zany PIC applications
[OT] Real time clock
[OT] Recommendations for Project scheduler softwar
[OT] RS485/RS422
[OT] solar cells, was: Generator - small
[OT] Someone knows the MAX110/111?
[OT] steper motor data..
[OT] stepper IC info
[OT] stepper motor data..
[OT] Stepper motor drivers
[OT] Switchers (was high power voltage regulator)
[OT] thankyou!
[OT] TRIACS, Dimmers, and PICS
[OT] UART/RS232 Baud Rate Tolerances
[OT] Vcc again...
[OT] Video Capture Cards
[OT] What is a Schottky ?
[OT] What is ESD and EOS
[OT] Which EEPROM with 12C509?
[OT] Which is easier to socket: SOIC or TSOP?
[OT]measuring a small time interval
[OT]Parts search: clock/timer
[OT]Re: Home security system
[OT]RE: RS485/RS422
[OT]Tantalum capacitor failure
[OT]What is the meaning of Vcc
[OT}Re: PID algorithms in PIC C
[PICList Admin] The "No such User!" message some h
[piclist] 1-wire sample code or tips?
[SOT] Copy Protection; Reverse engineering vs Thef
[SOT] Help with programmer
[SOT] Myke Predko
[SOT] which is easier to prototype
[SOT] While we're on the topic...
[ΟΤ] Sensors
[ΟΤ] Flowchart Program
[ΟΤ] Help needed with Keypa
[ΟΤ] How can I build a Low
Bresenham's Algorithm
=?UNKNOWN?Q?=5B=CF=D4=5D?= Help needed with Keypad
12C67x Simulator Question-Answered
12CE519 I2C
16A heater control? Triac? SCR?
16c62 ad i2c
16C62 i2c problem
16c73a 4mhz 9600 bps ???
16c773/4 programmer
16C84 and heating
16F84 Asynchronous Communications
16F84 Tait-style programmer troubles
16F84.h for ccs
16f84A help
17C43: Warning message from MPLAB?
2-wire serial communication
31.9488Mhz crystals
3-wire serial eeprom
3-wire serial eeprom,
4X16 LCD (again)
6 independent timers,pressure sensor
7 bit clock SPI problem on 16C74
A Big Question
A/D and phase control
Aargh! Wish I'd paid more attention in school...
Accessing Firmware Version Information
Again delay from 1sec to 5 min.
Again, Two pins joined: One input, other output
Air pressure
Airspeed (and telemetry project)
Anyone heard of a HD61747B1X
Anyone tried building a Midi continuous controller
Application Note AN689
Arrrgh! Wish I'd paid more attention in school...
ascii hex to binary
Atmel, mcu's.
Attached files
Attn David Tait - Re: David Tait's PIC stuff
Bad email format?
Banked SFR's on the 17C43
Battery Life
BCF and BSF on I/O ports
Beginner help
Beware : VIRUS ALERT !!! This is not a joke !
Binary with topic
Bit banging and handshaking
Bit-Shifiting w/out C
bresenham line draawing code
Bresenham's Algorithm/happy99 post
Brownout cct
'btfss(c) fileA, fileB' or 'do case' in mpasm
Button Pressing Behavior
C compiler
C source for PIC16F84
c2c compiler and gpasm
Call and Goto
Caller ID with 16F84 - Intended project.
Caller ID with 16F84 - Intended project.
Can you help me about RS-232 protocol with 16F84
Cannot receive
CCS C Compiler, SLEEP(); and RESET_CAUSE(); proble
CCS compiler and Scenix parts
CCS Grouses about OSCCAL
Challenge: 16bit delay loop
Challenge: 16bit timing loop
change 2 i/o pins together
Charles Manning Programmer
Cheaper PICs !
Chirp sound routine
Clearing a bit using a variable position
clock divider
Code / Design samples and thoughts.
code protection and program flash writing on 16F87
Command Parser
consulting, schooling
copy protection- better get those nukes ready
copybit protection
crystal problem
cube or test chip
CVASM16: Thanks and follow-up
D/A converter choices
date codes (was Re: i - 16F877 samples ii - PIC 18
'David Tait's PIC Archive' and 'the PIC archive'
David Tait's PIC stuff
DC Motor Control
DC Motor PWM frequency
DDS generation
Delay 1sec to 5 min.
Delay routine
DES and SKIPJACK for the PIC
Digital Alarm Clock
Digital Pots
Discos Seagate
Discos Seagate]
Does anyone have the CS8900 Ethernet <==> PIC16C7
Driving a 2N5192 power transistor from a PIC.
Driving Back to Back SCR's from PIC or Where do I
DTMF decoder project
DTMF decoding
Easy math solution
EL Inverter
Electroliminiscence kit
Embedded Design Bulletin
Embedded Microsystems
Emedded + CD-ROM
Emedded + CD-ROM [OT]
empty..for my address book
Emulator experiences ?
erratic jumps
F84 won't wake up
Feedback wanted on PIC simulator
Final software (was Re: FLOWCHART FOR PIC [MIGUEL]
Frequency Multiplier
Frequency Multiplier [OT RTOS core]
From hungtn@eisa.net.au (hung) Sub: SPI code
FS: new taxan monitor -1280x1024 80Hz
Full-speed picmaster
Fw: [OT] Which is easier to socket: SOIC or T
Fw: osc1 and osc2 and a osciloscope
Fw: Re: Discos Seagate]
Fw: Re: Help needed with 4 Mhz clock oscillat
Fw: Re: sprintf in CCS ?
Fw: [OT] Intel Corp.
Fw: Home security system
Fw: Teneis que probarlo
Fw: To Table or not To Table,
Fwd: Application Note AN689
gcc port to PicMicro
Generator - small
Getting Started
GP3 as output
GPS with serial output
Handling large tables for LCD display
Happy 99
Help needed with 4 Mhz clock oscillator
Help wanted in electronic
Help with C !!
Help with I2C on 16C74A needed.
Help with PIP-02 programmer
hex to asm
High Voltage PIC A/D
High Voltage PIC A/D!!
hitech optimizer munching inline ... MPC does not
hitech optimizer munching inline assembler
Home security system
How can I build a Low Pass Filter
How to load CGRAM in Optrex Modules (H44780) now p
HP LogicDart
HP LogicDart & PIC
hp7475 PC board plotting[OT]
i - 16F877 samples ii - PIC 18xxx info
I can't bit twiddle TRISC in simulation
I: Program deleted
I2C Hardware Master - 17 Series
I2C Headaches
I2C or SPI serial data to parallel data converter
I2C over "long"distance, Thanks all
I2C-memory larger than 2048 bytes (previous: No su
ICE2000 & 18Cxx
Identifying a memory chip
Implementation of a while loop with decrement.
In Circuit Emulators
In System Calibration
In System Calibration[OT]
Industrial Electronics Problem [OT]
Intellimouse with MPLAB 4 problem
Intellimouse with MPLAB 4 problem-more problems
Interfacing PICs to large (8 megabit) FLASH memori
Interfacing X10 ( AC POWER LINE )
Interrupt vector in HitechC
Introduction to PICs
Inverting binary word
IR communication
IR detector with F84
ISD chip questions
Large I2C memory ???
Large serial Rams
LCD Menu system
learning pic code
Limit fuel injector pulses
Looking for median filter code in C that doesn't u
lookup table value ??still prob.
ludipipo 1.0 16F84 problems
May look-up tables don't works
May the 4th be with you
MChip lawsuits against Everybody : Update
measuring the ph, kh and co2 levels
MEMKEY is awesome
Microchip vs. Parallax Assembly
Microcontroller Market Share
Motorola cellular phone LCD
MPASM command line options out of MPLAB?
MPC and 17C756
MPC, HiTech and 17C756
mplab 4 and DB
MPLAB 4.10
mplab bug?
mplab simulator and 16c505 stimulus
mplab-step prob?
Multi tasking instructor
Multi tasking instructor (COOPERATIVE MULTITASKING
Multitasking instrucntor
Multitasking instructor
Multitasking without interrupt (ot re: spooling ex
Multitasking without interrupt ?
Multitasking without interrupt. Rather [OT]?
multitasking, part 2.
Multitasking, part 3: a smarter scheduler
My web Page URL
NEED 8 pin SMT (SOIC) to 8 DIP adapter
Need fast sort routine in C for 17C44
Need help debuging 16F84 code.
Need help debuging 16F84 code. (FAQ)
Need help with instruction
need hitech user to comile source
Need information of RFID ( Radio Frequency Identif
Needed: Ideas for Innovative Tech-Ed Training Proj
New Book Released on PIC Serial Communications by
new month, old question
New PicBasic Development Packages
New SimmStick and other matters.
Newbie Digest Question
newbie question
Newbie question - sorry...
Newbie Question: What Compiler should I get?
No clue [LONG], [TRAINING]
no simulation in mplab 4.0 <-- BINGO!!
no simulation in mplab 4.0 <-- BINGO!!
not showing up on list.
not showing up on list. Pretty much way [OT]
Odp: File Transfer between PC and PIC
Odp: Re: 93LC86
Oggetto: D/A converter choices
Oggetto: Re: PIC's across the world
Old ProPic
Optical pickups and pics
Optrex LCD module
Optrex LCD module - 1 further question!
osc1 and osc2 and a osciloscope
Oven control
Parallel Port to SPI or microwire
PF41104I.HEX file needed
PIC --> LMC1983 Serial
PIC & RS485
PIC and Capacitance Problem.
PIC and GSM Movil Phone
PIC and RF link (FRID?)
pic and speech
pic and speech - Thanks
pic based dds vfo
Pic latch up.
PIC production programmer
Pic projects archive ?
PIC reverse engineering detection
PIC select Vcc
PIC soldering process
pic sound code
pic sound code (going [OT])
PIC to 16 bit bus
PIC with RF
PIC12C508 code To PIC16C505 won't work
PIC16C52 Config fuses location (Tech-Tools PicWrit
PIC16C74 Programming Questions
PIC16F84 and DAC808
PIC16F84 start-up behaviour
PIC16F8x Code Protection removal test
PIC-based Logic Analyser GUI source code available
PIC-based Logic Analyzer GUI source code available
PIC-based Oven Controller
PIC-based Oven Controller (long)
PICLIST Digest - 13 May 1999 to 14 May 1999
PICLIST Digest - 27 May 1999 to 28 May 1999
Piclist mailling list behaviour/rules + Problem wi
PICmaster at 3V?
PicMaster Probes, Ram for datalogging
PicNPoke CD
PicNPoke CD, slipped TRIS
PIC's across the world
Picstart Plus
Picstart Plus (memory device programming)
Picstart+ comes with PTF09075I - Power supply or n
PID algorithms in PIC C
pitot tubes
PlayStation Memory cards
playstation memory cards
PlayStation's memory-cards.
Pointer to Articles/Programmer
POR bit in 12C672 problem
power line comm
power supply [OT]
Powertip Lcd drive info required PG320240-E-A1
Press .n. peel
Problem with sleep instruction
Probleme with voltage output
programming 12C671 calibration memory
Programming 17c756
Programming a 12C with a 16F programmer
Programming question on PIC16C74
Programming Questions on PIC16C74 20MHz
protecting 'user connected' adc inputs?
push-button mode [PLEASE, HELP ME]
QAM (was Re: [OT] Phase delay of square wave)
Question: Writing chars to LCD
Radio comms
Radio link
Rain detector
Ram for datalogging
RAM pointer arithmetic on 12-bit core PICs (was Re
Re "Plant out of water project" new views
Re (OT) Etchant (was :PCB exposure unit)
Re[2]: PIC12C508
Re[2]: PIC12CE518/519
Re[2]: QAM (was Re: [OT] Phase delay of square wav
Re[2]: Seminar
Re[2]: using pager as alarm ?
Re[2]: Weird, Wacky, Zany PIC applications
Remote keypads - which PIC?
Remote keypads - which PIC? - another application.
Reverse Polarity Protection for 3V PIC Circuit.
RS232 & power
RS232/RS485 Comms using pics and F84
RTC's (Real Time Clocks)
Sample & Hold Circuit (fwd)
Schematic Entry Program
Scrambler/descrambler synchronization (was Re: QAM
Self destruct schemes that thwart reverse engineer
Seminar [ROT]
Seminar Board SEM99_01
serial eeprom programming?
Serial interface problem
Shift Registers
Signal loss!?
Signal loss!?a
SimmStick Design Contest!
single chip solution ( 0-5V --> 4-20mA )
Slave I2C on 16C73
Slightly [OT] Timing calculations
SLIP on 16F84
Slowness with MPLAB
Smart Card programming with Picstart+
Software Development Tools for PICMicro Series and
SOT: A little humor....
SPI code
sprintf in CCS ?
Standalone WAV Player ?
Star Trek communicator
status prob
Strange behavior 12CE519
Subroutines placement
Summer Work
Tableing packets
tach code
Tach-Like Counter Help
Thanks for the RICH help! [MIGUEL]
the PIC archive - whats new?
To Table or not To Table,
Transcendental Meditation
Truncated digest files
TRUNCATED PICLIST Digest - 2 May 1999 to 3 May 199
Two pins joined: One input, other output
unscribe me--plea!!!!
Unwanted chars on terminal screen ??
Updated my PIC16F84 site
USART problems
Using a variable to clear a bit
Using a variable to clear a bit (don't toggle port
Using a variable to clear a bit (MY MACROS FOR THI
Using a variable to clear a bit => Shadow
using pager as alarm ?
UV erasers
V‡lasz: Re: [OT] Phase delay of square wave
voltage regulator question
VT100 terminal specifications
Wanting/Needing Ideas
Was W&W, now bomb.html (AKA dt102.html SimmStick)
Watch Crystal Problems
weird and wacky pic apps
Weird SSP behavior in I2C. SDA, SCL pull hi
Weird, Wacky, Zany PIC applications
Weird, Wacky, Zany PIC applications (Star Trek com
Weird, Wacky, Zany PIC applications ?
Where are the PIC16f87x? Not at Digikey..
Where can I find HI-TECH C compiler demo
White noise generator
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