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[OT] Need help with phototransistor (blue sensitiv  9th 1
16F84, surface mount, ICSP...  29th 1
Burning pins on a PIC (was Re: pic max voltage)  1st 1
Cheap driver for bipolar steppen motor?  11th 1
Dodgy A2D readings & I2C samples  9th 1
Generating PWM code request  30th 1
Generating PWM -Code request  28th 1
Getting large files (Was MPLAB 3.32.18)  15th 1
How LOW can I go? Speed & Power  9th 1
How to save calibrating data?  30th 1
I2C with slow devices  30th 1
MPLAB does not exist on  16th 1
USB with a PIC  7th 1

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