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"Config fuses error" with Picprg32 on winnt4  27th 1
[OT] Toggling a parallel port bit  31th 1
[OT]More than 8 LED's from a single 8-bit port  6th 1, 5
[TO] Mail from the future.  20th 1
16F873 PIC SBC  29th 1
Best Programmer for PIC16F84 and PIC16F87 ...  25th 1
C compiler for Amtel AVR line  26th 1
C?  14th 1
CCS C Complier  11th 1
FETs in OZ, was Re: Driving Relay  21th 1
last of the 87x proto faulty boards  18th 1
Looking for distributor of YAPP or WARP13 PIC Prog  31th 1
LTC1298 + PIC16F84  26th 1
LTC1298 A/D Converter  27th 1
Making a ticking sound  28th 1
More than 8 LED's from a single 8-bit port  6th 1
Pic programmer  26th 1, 9
PIC programmer from Microchip AN589  30th 1
PIC Timing Routines  25th 1
PIC16F87 or PIC16F84 with LTC1298 ...  27th 1
Programmer circuit and software needed for 16C73A  10th 1
RS232 --> 16*84 --> HD44780  7th 1
RS232 for PIC16F84 @4MHZ  20th 1
Sub microamp 3-pin uC Reset  6th 1
Tee Hee [OT]  30th 1
trouble programming windowed 12C672 part  13th 1
UMPS software???  16th 1
What programmer can program 16F87x?  18th 1
Win-NT Software for ITU PIC-1A Programmer  31th 1
Y2K--Has anybody heard of anything real?  10th 1

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