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"W. MIKE WOOD" : Re: IR Programable Remote (Logic
# times tried to signoff NG
(Fwd) Re: A New Challenge
(Fwd) Re: Re[2]: 12C508 too fast?
(Fwd) Re: rlf on W OK?
************ Re: ENOUGH, DAMMIT! *************
: Re: IR Programable Remote
??Linking A2D's for controller
[005] The mail retry count was exceeded sending to
[STAMPS] Quiz on detecting lateral movement
== No Subject ==
12c508 Clamp Voltage
12C508 too fast?
12C508 too fast? RS232 with 12C5xx
12C50x Watchdog timeout, and strange
12C50x Watchdog timeout, and strangeness on output
16C74 Code Error. Help Needed!
16C74 or 16C74A - how to tell the difference?
16C84 & I2C
16c84 data EEPROM use
16C84 Emulator
16c84 reprogram cycle life?
16C84 vs 16F84
16C924 programmer??
2nd hand EPROM eraser needed
3 volt emulator translator
74 programmer
74 programmer(16c74A Versus 16c74)
74 programming
8-pin RS232 Tranceiver for a '508
A (very) little K&R humor (was: "Re: CCS C Compile
A challenging PIC problem...
A New Challenge
A new challenge
A New Challenge
A New Challenge -- WINNER!
a project for you all
accuracy of 12c508 internal clock?
All you South Africans PIClisters out there (or he
An Addition -- re: Any female piclist members?
An Interesting but Unscientific Test (was Re: Ligh
AN589 - Simplified?
Another Programmer Question!
Any female piclist members?
Battery Backup
Beta compiler download
bit arrays in practice (was Re: CCS C Compiler)
Bit flag macros
Bit flag macros: resend due to reported problems
bit support in C compilers (was Re: CCS C Compiler
Bit Variables in C
Blinking LED
blow up chip
Blow up chip?
Blow up chip? continued...
Bob Blick's clock
Bookmarks + PIC site lists
British PIC university courses
BSF Question!
Bulk Emailing
Bulk Emailing - Apology
Bulk Emailing - Revenge
Bulk Emailing (Sorry everyone )
Buying 16C84's
C compilers/historical
C71 users
Call for Companies and Master Mode on 73(A)s
Canadian PICs
Cannot get onto DONTRONICS WEB Page.
Casio Calculator Serial Port
casio interface
CCS and CC5X Compilers - Apology & Clarification
CCS C & RS-232
CCS C Compiler
CCS C Compiler/PCW version
CCS Compiler & humour
Change of email
Chip life cycles and COM port discussions
Chip life cycles and COM ports: resending after ma
Clock Motor Update
Comm ports and chip cycle life
Command confirmation request cancelled
Comments / opinions / advice on MIDI interfacing
Communication analyzer
Complements (no not thanks)
Complements (no not thanks) PART II
Conversion to a newsgroup
Converting the piclist to a newsgroup.
Converting the piclist to a newsgroup
Converting the piclist to a newsgroup.
Crystal oscillator switching for PIC
Crystal oscillator switching for PICHelp everbody,
Data Books Free to a Good (Student's) Home
Data transmission on CATV
Dataman S4 Programmer
dc-dc converter
dc-dc converter NOT
Dec. 19, 1996 issue of EDN
Delay routines
Did I blow up my chip????
Difference between 74HC04 and 74LS04
digitizing video (was Re: A challenging PIC proble
Does 12c508 work ?
DOS-based PIC Emulator
DS1820 C code.
DS1990 (DalSemi iButton), anyone?
DS1990 (DalSemi iButton), YES!
duplicate advert
Educational purposes
Email spam
Email w/attachment
embedded control handbook ?
emulation at 3 volts
ENOUGH, DAMMIT! (was: "Re: Converting the piclist
ESR in Supercap
Example PIC16C84 ?
Executing MPASM from a DOS Program
FFT width PICs
Fingerprint scanner
Foolish Usurper of Conventional Knowledge
Forth Compiler for C84
Forth for a 16C84!!!
Free Data Books Have Been Given Away
Frequency Generation
Fw: Programmer Question!
Get me off this list. Please
Ghost stack errors?
gps (sour grapes)
GPS (sour grapes)
gps (sour grapes)
GREATER than and LESS than ?
Help with DS1287A RTC
help! slight confusion about OSCcal feature on 12c
Help:Microcontrollers with CAN
Help:RS232-TTL <-> RS-232-C
Help:Transmition data over 24V
High speed serial implementation using C84
HiTech C for the PIC
How do you manually set the configuration of a 16c
How does one get onto the list again ?
how to identify parallax's 16cxx firmware
How to move cursor without overwriting LCD display
How to unsubscribe from this list?
hp 82240b ir printer
hp 82240b ir printer and 82143a
hp82440b ir printer
HZP_Electronics: "W. MIKE WOOD" : Re: IR Programab
I am So Sorry. (Re: Bulk Emailing )
I want to unscribe
I2C SLAVE code
Information on GPS
Interfacing an LM34 temp sensor w/ PIC (noise conc
IR article
IR Programable Remote
IR Remote & rockets
IR Remotes and B&E (Breaking and Entering)
IR Remotes in general
ISA & PCI buses
Japanese components replacement
Joysticks and other connectors
Keyboard faker
LCD Applications: display managers
LCD Displays
LCD displays Help
Lcd driver for C
LCD for 16C84
LCD Power on
LCD trouble
Light Bulbs as Ballasts (was Re: Thnx for the Ni-c
list of apps
List to Newsgroup "VOTE"
lithium-ion batteries
lithium-ion batteries -Reply
Looking for .asm libs
Looking for supplier of 7 Seg display used on Fuzz
LOSA for PIC's?
Low cost 16c5x/71/84 emulator ...
Low cost development tools for PIC14000
Low-pass filter for TV.
Mac PIC Programmer
Mac-based PIC compiler
Mail Two Letters / Earn $15,000 Month
Maillist vs. Newsgroup
Marquee Display
Maxium 7219 multipex chip
Maxium 7219 serial display
Measuring frequency of sine wave
Microchip CD-ROM giveaway
Microchip Technical Department.
Microchip Technical Library on CD ROM
MIDI implementation. using C84
MIL-Standards Web Site?
Mistake in Microchip databook
Model Rocketry Acceleration Sensor & Dataloging
Movement sliding on ice etc
MPLAB debugger
MPLAB Pass Counter - doesn't work.
MP-LAB/MP-SIM Ignores RB0 asyn. stim.
MPSIM - How to?
MPSIM message
MPSIM no linger works!
My PIC Radio Controller
My pic web site - send me your projects
My web pages
Need Help with '73/'74 Uart Problem (long)
Need Production programmer
networked MPLAB ?
networking PICS
New PIC user needs help
NiMH vs. lithium-ion -Reply
No for Newsgroup
No for Newsgroup, Yes for Newsgroup type archive !
No more bulk mailing - please
No Subject specified
Noise on PIC16C74 port pin
Obscure code-protection tangents (was: "Re: IR Rem
off topic
Off topic: a question about Ni-cads
Old question
Old question - LCD modules
Olivetti D1010 Electronic Notebook serial interfac
On patenting software (in the U.S.)
On the ethics/legality of reverse engineering
onewire - ERA-82-004
optical rotary encoders with PICs
optical rotary encoders with PICs : The final Word
OSC-cal 16C508/9
OTP PIC12C508 won't work but JW part will
Out of topics
P16PRO (ver 2.00b) Low cost Pic programmer
PC joystick = adc gameport info
pcb construction help wanted
PCB Help
Perfect PIC Language
PIC 16c62/63
PIC 16C84 in QST
PIC and Related Suppliers
PIC Book
PIC C compilers
PIC C Compilers and CC5X
PIC C Compilers and CC5X -Reply
PIC C Compilers and CCS
PIC clock
PIC clock and sorry
PIC Code Protection Security
'PIC controlled' Robot question
PIC course
PIC Crystal Resonator -- Can I tap off OSC2?
Pic Delay Puzzle
PIC delay puzzle
PIC Floating Point Library other than MicroChip
PIC network
PIC networking
PIC Problems
PIC Programmer from EETools
PIC question
PIC UART/BRG brain damage (was Manual humor)
PIC12C508 I/O problem with GP2 !!
PIC12C50x - me too
PIC12C5xx Support for PIC-1 Programmer
PIC14000 and RS-232
PIC16C71 two two digit displays ?
PIC16C84-based talking repeater controller project
Piclist and WWW - Don't worry not another newgroup
PICLIST Digest - 16 Jan 1997 to 17 Jan 1997
PICLIST Digest - 28 Jan 1997 to 29 Jan 1997
PICLIST Digest - 7 Jan 1997 to 8 Jan 1997
PICLIST Digest - 8 Jan 1997 to 9 Jan 1997
PICMASTER for sale
Please help me get started in PICs
Port Max Current
possible answer why JW works, OTP 508 doesn't
pot on the lcd?
power up state of 68hc11 ports
Precise frequency measurement
Prescaler and TIMR0 on C84
Problem with RETURN
Program cycles and COM ports
Programmer Question!
Programming 12C50X series
propeller clock update
Proportional LCD character set
pwm & control loops
Questions on 12C508/9
Quiz on detecting lateral movement
R.F. modems
Radio Packet Systems
Radiometrix RF
rate changes in OTP
RCA 1802 interrupt
Re : I2C SLAVE code
Re : Programing PIC 16c74
Re[2]: 12C508 too fast?
Re[2]: 16c84 reprogram cycle life?
Re[2]: A New Challenge
Re[2]: CCS Compiler & humour
Re[2]: GREATER than and LESS than ?
Re[2]: MIDI implementation. using C84
Re[2]: PIC C compilers
Re[2]: Startup problems with 16C71
Re[2]: Technology transfer anyone?
Re[2]: UV erasable CP bit
Re[2]: What does PIC stand for?
Re[2]: Who gets the patent?
Re[4]: CCS Compiler & humour
Re[4]: MIDI implementation. using C84
Recovering 14000s (Was UV erasable CP bit)
Reprogramming non windowed devices
Request for RS232 code
Rerouting Long Distance Cellular Calls.
Residential Alarm
Revenge - Now on web site.
RF Packet Radio
rlf on W OK?
RS-232 based Porgrammer
RS232, AN555 and 16C84 (a bit long)
RS232, AN555 and 16C84 (re-sent)
RS-422 to RS-232 translation
RS-485 networking question (NOT PIC SPECIFIC)
RS-485 networking question (NOT PIC SPECIFIC)n
Running 2 pics off one resonator?
saving context during interrupts
saving context during interrupts -PART 2
searching for automotive speed transducer
serial comms
Serial Comms
Serial LCD Interface
Serial port IRQ clashes
Serial waitfor with CCS C
Servo control of a DC Motor
Sharp LM64p839 LCD HELP
Signal generation
signoff problem
Simple terminal
Solution to PIC16C508JW/OTP problem
Sorry to waste yet another post
source for Dallas DS1990A
source for stepper controllers?
Spinning Clock : YES !
Startup problems with 16C71
Stepper Motor Driver using PIC
Stimulus files ? Trace memory files ?
subscriber note
Subtraction Carry
Subtraction Carry (was Complements (no not thanks)
Surplus component pinout needed!
Tato Computers Web Page
Telephone Fax Calls Detection
Telephone Fax Calls Detection
test accumulator for zero
Test. Please don't read
Text Editor
text editor?
text editor? Thanx for suggestions
The "Perfect" PIC Language
The iRX 2.0 board
The PIC Pages are back
Thnx for the Ni-cad help
TI TSL 23x
Transistor circuit for programming
Transmition data over 24V DC
two little ones and a BIG one, what ?
two little ones and a BIG one, what ?... ALSO
Typical MLCR connection?
Uni PIC course..
unsubscribe pics
Updated Web page
urgent . can I interupt u all for some code ?
Urgent: Random No Generator Needed
UV Dangers
UV erasable CP bit
Volume Control
Vote (No and Yes for Newsgroup)
Vote (No for Newsgroup)
Vote (No No No for Newsgroup)
Vote Newsgroup
Vote Newsgroup ... Please stop this thread...
weak pullups on the PIC12C508/509
What does PIC stand for?
What does PIC stand for? - PIC
what is SKPNC and SKPZ?
Where to get ISD chip-recorder?
Who gets the patent?
wirewrap tools
wirewrap tools -Reply
Works in eraseable but not in OTP 16C57
Yes/No for Newsgroup : END
You Low-Life Scuzz--don't even think about spammin
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