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"PULSIN" instruction
$-1 - And More Questions ??
$-1 ??
$59 SX DEV. Kit
(no subject)
(OT) Rain detector
(OT) Test
[EFLT]Flying things and Flapping Wings
[Fwd: PIC Problem URGENT !!!]
[OT?] RE: Private telephone network ?
[OT?] Soliciting PIC project sensor suggestions
[OT] test
[OT] Re: No such user!
[OT] RIP Dawn Elizabeth Payson 29-Mar-1999
[OT] 4-electrode conductivity meter circuit
[OT] 60Hz/400HZ/AC/DC... was Re: Energy in a capac
[OT] anyone using OrcadPCB ver 2.00 ? reply to me
[OT] asynchronous data format
[OT] CE marking, was: FCC approval
[OT] Changing PC operating systems
[OT] Chip identification
[OT] Chip lookup help
[OT] conductive epoxy (and SI :)
[OT] country codes
[OT] Data Storage
[OT] Definitly OT PCB design question
[OT] display
[OT] DIY eprom programmer
[OT] Easiest I2C PC Master)?
[OT] EM Field Sensing
[OT] Encoders - HiRes
[OT] epemag was: Ultrasonic measurement
[OT] FCC approval
[OT] full wave SCR rectifier
[OT] Fw: gang initiation...
[OT] FYI Win 2K Update
[OT] 'Gilbert Cell Multiplier'
[OT] Hobbiest is selling his stuffs with lower pri
[OT] hobbyists and prices (was: FS PM Emulator stu
[OT] Homemade flex circuits
[OT] How to quote on PIC programming?
[OT] HP or other Scope Recommendation
[OT] HV DC xmn line guess
[OT] I need 20 MC14489 LED driver IC's
[OT] identifying a LCD Panel
[OT] Interlocked Pushbuttons
[OT] Laser Show. It was [OT] Stepper Motors
[OT] LINUX - UNIX - CAD for PIC ... was SuperPCB,
[OT] LINUX - UNIX - CAD for PIC ... was SuperPCB,
[OT] LINUX - UNIX - CAD for PIC ... was SuperPCB,
[OT] LINUX - UNIX - CAD for PIC ... was SuperPCB,
[OT] LINUX - UNIX - CAD for PIC ... was SuperPCB,
[OT] LINUX - UNIX - CAD for PIC ... was SuperPCB,
[OT] LINUX - UNIX - CAD for PIC ... was SuperPCB,
[OT] logic levels (was Re: More RS232 to PIC quest
[OT] Looking for frame grabber
[OT] Mail Clients info, for the Faq
[OT] measuring value of .001 ohm resistors
[OT] Monitor Question
[OT] MPLAB 2000
[OT] MPLAB in Linux (wine)
[OT] Multiple Dimensional Processors.
[OT] Need VME Vigia MMT-150 video card.
[OT] Network Card Address
[OT] Out of line
[OT] PC & SRAM in ISA slot
[OT] PCB exposure unit
[OT] Pcb VIAS !?!?!?
[OT] piclist is not for virus warnings....
[OT] Power Supply Confusion
[OT] Re: Re: Energy in a capacitor / 400 Hz?
[OT] Re: recomendations on PCB method?
[OT] Re: Ban Pasi T Mustalahti from the PICLIST
[OT] Re: Cheaper PICs !
[OT] RE: Cheaper PICs !
[OT] Re: Cheaper PICs !
[OT] RE: Cheaper PICs !
[OT] Re: Cheaper PICs !
[OT] RE: Cheaper PICs !
[OT] Re: EMAIL Managers
[OT] Re: gang initiation...THINK BEFORE YOU POST!!
[OT] Re: Parts
[OT] RE: PC board house
[OT] Re: Re: espaqol
[OT] Re: relating torque to rpm
[OT] Re: Relay problem..
[OT] Re: RIP Dawn Elizabeth Payson 29-Mar-1999
[OT] Re: SETI needs our help
[OT] Re: The Lord is risen -who cares !!
[OT] Re: The Lord is risen!
[OT] Re: Ultiboard --> pcbs ??
[OT] relating torque to rpm
[OT] Robot Discussion List
[OT] Robot Discussion List/Helicopters
[OT] Russian
[OT] Schematic and PCB Software
[OT] Seeking job in England
[OT] Seiko Display
[OT] SETI needs our help
[OT] Spanish PIC LIST --- Working.
[OT] Stepper motors
[OT] Stepper Motors
[OT] Text Search Software
[OT] Text Search Software URL
[OT] The Lord is resin!
[OT] TMS370C722NT
[OT] Using a Stepper as a Galvo
[OT] Visual BASIC parallel port i/o command
[OT] Visual BASIC parallel port i/o commands
[OT] voltage level conversion
[OT] volume of cylindrical tank
[OT] wanted: 2mm stacking connectors
[OT] web link citations
[OT] Windows Printer Driver
[OT]espaqol - a solution
[OT]membrane switch source, USB
[ot]Motion WWW Site
[OT]Private telephone network
[OT]Re: UV-erasing JW parts
[OT]Re: copybit protection
[OT]Re: LCD emulation on VB form
[OT]Re: LM313
[OT]Re: Re: identifying a LCD Panel
[OT]Re: voltage regulator for -40deg C
[OT]small, low power uarts?
[OTish] In circuit programmer for production
[PIC] 4-20 mA current Loop
[PIC] Single-button combination lock project
[piclist] 1-wire sample code or tips?
[POLICY] Number of off-topic posts
[Q]:interfacing IDE/ATAPI
[ROBOTS] robot lawnmowers
[Slightly OT] wanted: 2mm stacking connectors
[SOT] Copy Protection; Reverse engineering vs Thef
[SOT] Philips I2C Licencing, et al
[WOT] Almost memoryless average?
[WOT] Laser Show. It was [OT] Stepper Motors
[WOT] Re: CRC16
[WOT] RE: Newbie Toggle Switch Woes
[ΟΤ] Matrix Diodes
1 GHz oscillator help wanted
12C671 calibration memory
16 bit division routine
16bit Math Routines
16C57 PC crazy?
16C63 - 16C63A
16C77A analog input hangs processor
16F84 PC boards ideas?
16F84 port latchup when controlling motors?
16F84 Programming_voltage current required ?
16F84 Serial Input Routine.
16F84 What current is required by Pin.4 @ 13(+/-1)
16F84 What current required for programming
16F84: ISO9141 <=> PIC Serial Protocol
16F877 delay (?)
17c756 2nd UART
17c756 ADAPTER
17C756 AND I2C
17C756 LCD examples needed.
17C756 PortA problems
17c756 variables overrun.
2 Wire LCD Interface and LCD Page
32 bit and 24 bits to BCD
4x4 Keyboard Routine for PIC16F84
'509, '509JW and '509A mysteries
84 not clocking
A challenge for square(r)s 4X4 mul and 8X8 mul
A useful one button PIC project
A useful one button PIC project/servo cycler
about ICSP
Absolute minimum a/d time
ac line + pullups ??
AD: New Online Hobby Robot Store Opening
AD: PICMicro Starter Kits Available
Ad: Pic Start Plus
Almost memoryless average?
Antwort: [OT]espaqol - a solution
Antwort: Re: basic question
Are ports RA4 and RA5 on 16C73 'Special' ?
ASCII to HEX conversion
Assembly help needed!
basic question
basic question about pull-ups
Battery Charger
Beginner clock problem
Beginners question
Best way to read a switch on the end of a long wir
Big digits LCD display! It's for a PIC! 8)
bit banged serial receive routines
C versus asy example
C/Basic proggers for pics
C84 vs F84 fuses
calculate arcTan on a PIC
CCD camera readable troughr RS232
C-Code for RF communications using PWM (Encoding &
CCS - Conversions between different types
CCS C New project AtoD setup question
CCS Gets() function - not working !
CCS Grouses about OSCCAL
CCS I2C problem
Changes at bobblick.com
changing Carry bit according to some another
Cheap 900MHz RF low-speed short-range data solutio
Cheaper pic's
Cheaper PICs !
Cheaper PICs ! Beware
Cheaper PICs ! [OT]
Cheaper PICs ! [OT] Beware
Chip PICker
ClearView Mathias Emulator
Code Challange
COM84 and NT4.
Compiling error
Contract Work
copybit protection
counter ???
counter ???thanks
Counting up adress,
Counting, any ideas?
Crossing the 8K Page Boundary on 17C7XX part
crystal's serial resister
Data Storage
DDS Code
DES Code
DES code
Digital PID
Displaying Mantissa and Exponent on an LCD
don't discourage posts (The Lord is risen! Now SHU
E-LAB Pic compiler
Embedded Design Bulletin
Encoders - HiRes & Error Processing
End of line for 16C84
Energy in a capacitor
Energy in a capacitor / 400 Hz?
EPIC Programmer Software
Err, this is SO confusing =(
Err, this is SO confusing =( [OT]
Espa–ol/English PICS and other
Espa–ol/English PICS and other ne
espaqol [OT]
Ethernet Modem for Internet Access -looking for pr
Experiences of data transmission on transformer co
External Clocking of 16F84
External Interrupt
Extracting a Doppler signal in the presence of noi
Fastest and smallest 16/8 divide
FFT on PIC midrange
Firmware Adjustable LCD Bias Generator
Fix vias ??
Floating point arithmetic
Forward referencing LOCAL label in macro
free 16bit C compiler anywhere?
FS PM Emulator stuff
FS: Dallas DS1230Y-70 NV SRAM 32K
FSK demodulation with PIC.
Future Product
Fw: Re: Ultiboard --> pcbs ??
FW: [Programmers] MPLAB v4.00.14 Interim Release -
Fw: FYI Win 2K Update
Fw: gang initiation...
Fw: Microcontrollers
Fwd: (no subject)
Fwd: [Core14] PIC16C84 End of Life
Fwd: [MPLAB] New MPASM and PICmicro Quick Referenc
Fwd: Ap Notes source code on Microchip's website
Fwd: Application Note AN689
Fwd: I'll be glad to host a PICLIST FAQ!
Fwd: Re: Programmers ! Programmers ! Programmers !
gang initiation...THINK BEFORE YOU POST!!!
Generator - small
Get the Free TM4 HEX file going.
getting [OT] copybit protection
HART ???
having stack overflow problem
having stock overflow problem
Help -- need power on circuit for LCD
Help from deleted file
Help in starting up a 17C43
Help wanted in electronic
help with schematic making programs
Help with triac circuit
HiTech PICC Assembly Language Macros -- Anyone usi
Holding the PIC in reset mode
How do I bulk erase a 16F84?
How to load CGRAM in Optrex Modules (H44780)
How to put eeprom data in 16c84 assembler source?
how to subscribe STAMP mailing list?
How to tell the color of test results
HSP45102 Question
i am so dumb. 'c84 <.> 'f84
i am so dumb. 'c84 <> 'f84
I have the "BAJ" 16F84 to TAIT code
I2C and 16C73
I2C DA with +12 volts out recommendations?
I2C Dac's and Adc's
I2C implementation on 16C73a
I2C not working on 17c756!
I2C over "long"distance ?
I2C Routines
I2C slave code
IDs not blank?
I'll be glad to host a PICLIST FAQ!
I'm search for a schematics for a serial PIC16c54
In Curcuit Debugging (ICD) with 16F87X
Incremental encoders, I need help please!!
Inline Assembly in CCS
interesting concept
Interesting ID error on 16C52
Interfacing F84 with 16x2 Hitachi LCD Display
Interfacing F84 with 16x2 Hitachi LCD Display (LCD
Internal Oscillator Accuracy
Interpreters and other Q's
interrupt routine
Interruption in 16c74a
Introduction to the PIC16F84
Introduction to the PIC16F884
inverting a single bit in C
IR code compression for storage in the PIC and
IR code compression for storage in the PIC and lat
IR Temperature sensing
Is there a Digest version for this list?
JAL (a free compiler for the 16x84) V0.4-10 now al
JAL is great !
JAL mailing list
Java Compiler for PIC
Keeloq problem
Keeloq trouble
Keypad problems reading from PORTB
KICKED OFF LIST for Re: Fw: gang initiation...
LC meter schematics ?
LCD 12x4 info
LCD controller question...
LED & 7-Segment OCX's explained !
Linking PIC17C43 code segment to offset 1000h - 1F
Loking for DS1820
Looking for 24c65 EEPROM routines
Looking for used PIC book
Looking for....
lookup table ???
MAP-File/ or how to get number of Bytes already us
MAS eval kit
MChip lawsuits against Everybody : Update
MChip lawsuits against Scenix : Update
Measuring Large (1A-7A) Currents ?
Measuring servo current (was Re: Measuring Large (
Membrane keypads and front panel vendors wanted
Microchip Master's Program
Microchip Seminar Auckland NZ
More RS232 to PIC questions
More RS232 to PIC questions ------ Never Mind !!
Motor and sensor model
Motorola... probs?
MPLAB 4.00.14
MPLAB Bank changing problem
MPLAB Calculator
MPLAB downloads Reply to John Clark
MPLAB downloads to PROMATE
MPLAB downloads to PROMATE and ???????
MPLAB ICE2000 review
MPLAB-ICE, ICE-PIC, RICE16, Mathias, etc.
MPLAB-Logging Ports Function???
MPLAP 4.000
Multi-backplane LCD Driver
Multiple Device Programmer
Multiple Device Programmer Recommendations
My PIC is dead. 29.4.99 RIP
My PIC is dead. 29.4.99 RIP-- Now [OT]
My PIC is dead. 29.4.99 RIP: now [OT]
Need ASM help.
needs IDE CDROM information
New application note at Microchip: Anyone thinking
New application note at Microchip: remarkable proj
New date code pic16F84s not programming
New date code pic16F84's not programming
NEW Piclist formed
New URL PIC16F84 applications in Robotic and Elect
New Versions PICALL & P16PRO
Newbie Q All PICs
Newbie question on page boundaries
Newbie question on page boundaries + PIC choice
Newbie Toggle Switch Woes
Newfound's Picstart Plus chip(4LAB)
Newsletter: Embedded Circuit Design
No clue
No Clue
No clue
No clue [LONG]
No help from XICOR
no simulation in mplab 4.0
no simulation in mplab 4.0 <-- BINGO!!
Noritake VFD
Not read: RE:
Now kind of [OT) Re: Quadrature decoder
Numeric Keypad
Numeric Keypad [OT]
Off Topic Stuff [OT]
optical pyrometer-Sample circuit
ORCAD memory
Oscillator wont run
OT Changing PC operating systems
OT Font like LCD 16 x 2 wanted
OT: A "Visual Basic List"?
OT: Eagle CAD (again... sorry)
OT: Spam
OT:Flame throwing Cars ?
PBP code with funny bug.
pc 232 issues...
PC brd house
PC comms program
Pcb VIAS !?!?!?
Pcb VIAS? [OT]
PCMCIA Programmer
Peter Anderson's PWM pics
Pic 16C554 and Interrupts
PIC 16F84 simulator for Windows 95
PIC and delta modulation
Pic and Ethernet controller
PIC and RAM usage
PIC and RF link (FRID?)
PIC Basic interpreters...
Pic BAsic Pro & Mailing list??
pic books ?
PIC Delay/Loop Optimization - ON TOPIC
PIC Programmer Schematic + Software
PIC Protoboards
pic software tools
PIC to 8 Stage shift register
pic to rs232
PIC vs 68K compiler (was: CCS - conversions)
PIC12CE519 EEProm Problem
PIC16C84 Bank mapping
PIC16f84 and LCD Graphic Display
PIC16F84 timer0 problems
pic16pro programing software troubles
PIC16xxx Comparison Macros
PicBasic Article
PICBASIC-L Oscillator wont run
PICList Admin: New members options change
PICList Administration: What we're trying to do he
PICList Consequences
PICLIST Digest - 7 Apr 1999 to 8 Apr 1999
Piclist en enpanol, como suscribir??
Piclist in Diegest form or somthing...
PICList Policies - ENOUGH, people.
PICmicro RTC
PicPoc Programer 16F84
PICs Checksums
Picstart Plus
Picstart Plus (programming memory parts)
picstart plus programming voltage
picstart+ and in-circuit programming
PID control
PIP-02 Programmer
PIP-02 Programmer -Reply
pitot tubes
PM Emulator stuff
PORTA/B Problem
Pressure sensors
Private telephone network ?
probe pcb plots here
Problem with PCL & PCH
Problems downloading MPLAB to PRO MATE
Programmer failure
Programmer problems old/new PICs
Programmers ! Programmers ! Programmers
Programmers ! Programmers ! Programmers !
Programmers ! Programmers ! Programmers ! Yes!
programming 12C671 calibration memory
programming smd pics
Programming SMT pics
ProPic 1
Protecting PICs
Proximity Sensing - PIC, Discretes, or Prebuilt?
Q:Dontronics/Wirz Programmer Hardware
QSPI <-> PC Parallel Port?
Quadrature decoder
Que sucede_
Question on HSP45102
Question: Writing chars to LCD
R: Re: CCD camera readable trought RS232
R: Re: More RS232 to PIC questions
Rain detector
Rain detector = Cow tipping again! [ROT]
Re (OT) Etchant (was :PCB exposure unit)
Re (OT) Etchant (was :PCB exposure unit)
RE Rain detector
Re(spuesta): espaqol
Read PWM-In and Write PWM-Out without interrupt ?
Read: RE:
recommended ICE for pic parts inparticularly the 1
Reinstallation of WIN98
Rejected posting to PICLIST@MITVMA.MIT.EDU
relating torque to rpm
Relay problem
Relay problem..
Relays AGAIN! :(
Reprogramming a PIC whilst running (by radio)
Resident bootloader for the new FLASH based PIC16F
RIP Dawn Elizabeth Payson 29-Mar-1999
Robert Mellgren was: Counting, any ideas?
Robot Discussion List
robot lawnmowers
Robot Mailing List Contest - Win Free Stuff
RS232 <> IR convertor --> responds ??
RS232 Issues
Ryan Pogge Robert Mellgren was: Counting, any
Saving/embeddeding EEPROM data in MPLAB?
Scenix centipedes/2
SCUSATEMI. senza volerlo vi ho inviato un virus.
search about free C compiler for pic16f84 ?
Self destruct schemes that thwart reverse engineer
Semiconductor news
Seminar or Microchip Technical Seminar.
Serial Port Programmers ?
Serial Y2K Compatible RTC
Series resistor and XTAL
SETI needs our help
Simple PIC to PIC comms
Single Chip TCP/IP solution for PIC
Sleep and backup batteries
Slight [OT] - FS PM Emulator stuff
Slight [OT] - PM Emulator stuff
slightly [OT] FS PM Emulator stuff
Slowness with MPLAB
SMALL LCD display req'd
snappy transistors
special instruction mnemonics
specific lookup table value ??
SPI bus
SPI slave mode echoing every other byte
Stepper motors
strange behaviour
Subject: Development Systems
Summer Work
SuperPCB, Gerbers, and Windows 95 [OT]
Support circuit for PIC16F84
Taits TOPIC programmer, help neded...
Test mail (sorry)
Test Post
The Best C Compiler
The Best C Compiler BETTER
The Engine
The Lord is risen!
The Lord is risen! Now SHUT UP!
the PIC archive
the PIC archive has been updated
thermocople multiplexing
Thermocouple circuit/interface
tilt sensor, or motor load indicator...
Time information on video signal
Timing and Delays
tmr0+counter?? wont work!
Tone detector MT8870
Tone Detector MT8870DE
tone generation w/ramp
Tristating Ports On 16C58
Trouble with writing char to LCD display
troubled sleep: '84 seems restless
Truncated Digest
TTL to RS-232 voltages
Uh oh...RE: PIC on the Internet?
Ultiboard --> pcbs ??
Ultiboard, Ulticap
Ultrasonic measurement
undefined symbol ALUSTA (error)????????????
Update: undefined symbol ALUSTA (error)???????????
Using a goto to terminate a function.
using the SPI interface on the PIC
UV erasers
UV-erasing JW parts
Variables from outside the pic
VB6 Code - to - RS-232 - to - PIC
Viewing the "Tunemkr" and "Thermo" Readme File Sch
voltage level conversion
voltage regulator for -40deg C
Web page back up
What is a 16C625
What is this?
What's the easiest I2C PIC (Master) <-> PC Slave?
where can I find the SIL site?
Wich voltage must have SDA & SDL lines?
Writing a string of chars to LCD
Writing string of chars to LCD......again

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