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[OT] Dissolved Oxygen Sensor  Sep 25th 1
[OT] GPS Receiver  May 4th 1
[OT] Isolation measurement  May 1st 1
[OT] Schottky transistors; why are there not  Jun 11th 1 14th 141
12C509 config word  Aug 31th 1
12C509 still resists  Sep 2nd 1 3rd 110
16F84 survives reverse polarity  Jul 25th 1
16F84, surface mount, ICSP...  May 4th 1
5V from 12V - bridge circuit  Jun 20th 1
8 bit A/D with I2C interface  Jul 25th 1
A game for graphical LCD [OT]  May 31th 1
AD converter Problem  Jul 19th 1
Availability of 16F877  Dec 11th 1
Bit counting  Jul 23th 1
Can't reach  Feb 3rd 1
Can't reach  Feb 3rd 1
Capture/Compare/PWM on 16C76 ??  Jun 20th 1
Conductivity measurement  Feb 16th 1
Crystal Tutorial  Oct 24th 1
Driving step-motor from PIC  Mar 10th 1
Error in AN587a - LCD module  Jun 17th 1
Floating point app notes  Feb 12th 1 16th 257
Maximum total output current limit  Apr 1st 1
Microchip design consultant group - what is it ?  Aug 2nd 1
Millennium Clock (Repost)  Nov 16th 1
MPASM Error 115 ? [16C84]  Jan 31th 1
New mail-list about chips  Nov 11th 1
Optical Tachometer  Mar 10th 1
Overclocking PIC,  Aug 27th 1
PIC to help our girlfriends  Jun 14th 1
PIC16C505 status  Oct 16th 1
Power Supply  May 15th 1
Repeated instruction, confusing  Oct 24th 1
Scenix chips pricing  Mar 4th 1
Sensing microwave oven temperature [OT]  Apr 4th 1
Sensor for Pulse (Heart)  Apr 1st 1
Signal conditioning  Dec 18th 1
Signed 16bit arithmetics  Mar 6th 1
SX programming specifications  Feb 26th 1
SX100 - will the history repeat ?  Nov 29th 1
What about Scenix?  Jun 14th 1

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