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32bit in C.  Mar 5th 1
Battery Backup  Jan 22th 1
Book reference.  Nov 6th 1
Digital pot / attenuators?  Apr 9th 1
Digital Voltmeter Application  Feb 25th 1
Encoder's (again?)  Feb 7th 1 10th 129
Engine code-reader.  Apr 10th 1
FCC (again?).  Nov 21th 1
Light Bulbs as Ballasts (was Re: Thnx for the Ni-c  Jan 5th 1
Movement sliding on ice etc  Jan 11th 1, 2
On the ethics/legality of reverse engineering  Jan 3rd 1
PIC Development Kit  Feb 24th 1
PIC Employment Opportunity  Feb 14th 1
Piezo Motion Sensors  Apr 17th 1, 21
Sending Binary Attachments to the PICLIST (was: "R  Mar 29th 1
Timing diagram drawing tools?  Feb 13th 1
Who gets the patent?  Jan 9th 1, 35

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