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12C508 (un)availability?  Feb 11th 1
32 bit additions  Feb 19th 1
Adding two 32 bit numbers  Feb 20th 1
Any female piclist members?  Jan 9th 1
command parsing hints sought  Feb 5th 1
Help with comparisons tris and register operands  Feb 11th 1
help:Emulator versus circuit board  Feb 24th 1
Jory, HELP!  Feb 12th 1
Re[2]: (no subject)  Feb 21th 1
Re[2]: 12C508 too fast?  Jan 31th 1
Re[2]: CCS Compiler & humour  Jan 16th 1
Re[2]: Code error  Feb 20th 1, 29, 39
Re[2]: Code Portablilty ?  Feb 24th 1
Re[2]: command parsing hints sought  Feb 7th 1
Re[2]: GREATER than and LESS than ?  Jan 3rd 1
Re[2]: Instruction encodings (was: Code error)  Feb 21th 1
Re[2]: MIDI implementation. using C84  Jan 27th 1
Re[2]: Moving message display  Feb 10th 1
Re[2]: MPASM Pseudo OPs  Feb 7th 1
Re[2]: Power Off PIC Happenings  Feb 20th 1
Re[2]: Recommend Simulator  Feb 21th 1
Re[2]: UV erasable versions  Feb 24th 1, 21
Re[2]: Who gets the patent?  Jan 9th 1
Re[3]: reference card  Feb 19th 1
Re[4]: CCS Compiler & humour  Jan 17th 1
Re[4]: MIDI implementation. using C84  Jan 28th 1
Re[5]: reference card  Feb 19th 1
Recommend Simulator  Feb 21th 1
Skip instruction execution time...  Feb 10th 1
test (is this an attachment?)  Feb 13th 1
Timing Advance for RC engine  Feb 7th 1
Typical MLCR connection?  Jan 27th 1
Vote (No for Newsgroup)  Jan 9th 1
What does PIC stand for?  Jan 8th 1
Who gets the patent?  Jan 8th 1

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