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=?Windows-1252?Q?RE: [EE]:: Test of MINI-360 (MP
Re: [EE]: Stability AND Gain of ìg scales - best
[AD] looking for Tunnel Diodes
[AD] Lot of PIC prototyping PCBs for sale
[Ad]: Components and Miscellaneous Items Available
[AD]: Hiring Firmware people
[ARM] Nvidia to buy ARM
[AVR] square on AVR
[AVR] Square on AVR?
[CAUTION: Failed DKIM Test][EE] large USB power b
[CAUTION: Failed DKIM Test][EE] IIC "backpacks" fo
[CAUTION: Failed DKIM Test][EE] large USB power ba
[CAUTION: Failed DKIM Test][EE] Magnetic lock
[CAUTION: Failed DKIM Test][OT:: Making Moonshine
[CAUTION: Failed DKIM Test][OT]:: Humour - Walking
[CAUTION: Failed DKIM Test]Re: [EE] large USB powe
[CAUTION: Failed DKIM Test]Re: [EE]:: What do you
[CAUTION: Failed DKIM Test]Re: [OT] Russell Cardia
[CAUTION: Failed DKIM Test]Re: [OT]::Any thoughts
[EE] flat wire vendor
[EE] large USB power banks
[EE] "Sunlight" brand LEDs
[EE] "Tactile" spec?
[EE] 0603s with value marked?
[EE] 2n3904 pulse current
[EE] 3 phase motor, wiring diagram?
[EE] 74HC123, tie nA and B inputs together?
[EE] 74LVC1G332 input clamping current only specif
[EE] 78L05 (SO8) overshoot on removal of over-curr
[EE] A shot in the dark. Bubble memory
[EE] A shot in the dark. Bubble memory
[EE] averaging multiple samples to reject AC inter
[EE] Cable Shield Transfer Impedance, Induced curr
[EE] Cable Shield Transfer Impedance, Induced curr
[EE] Calculation of the state of safety (SOS) for
[EE] Capacitive touch on glass ...
[EE] Castellated PCB fixture
[EE] CMOS LED "Chip Interconnect"
[EE] Current Sense Project
[EE] Custom Keyboard for PC.
[EE] Detecting a change of level on four lines wit
[EE] DIN mount Arduino (or similar) with 24V digit
[EE] Diode bridge failure
[EE] Dual Power Input Circuit
[EE] electrolytic capacitors
[EE] Eliminating external noise through PS
[EE] flat wire vendor
[EE] Four Layer Routing Strategy
[EE] Hand soldering fine pitch packages
[EE] H-Bridge supply voltage spike only in "revers
[EE] Help understanding a "Loop Transfer Function"
[EE] High Side LCD Backlight Control
[EE] Horowitz and Hill "The X Chapters" now availa
[EE] Identifying pin one
[EE] IEE vacuum fluorescent display module data wa
[EE] IIC "backpacks" for LCD displays
[EE] inverter welder, high frequency start, typica
[EE] IR emitter
[EE] large USB power banks
[EE] Latching relay question
[EE] LCD cover materials?
[EE] LDO reg keeps failing. Looking for suggestion
[EE] LED Matrix CC/CA
[EE] Light bulb moment (literally)
[EE] light sensor array?
[EE] Litz wire
[EE] Locating object position by radio
[EE] Looking for equivalent IC to HT4928S Lithium
[EE] Looking for higher-voltage version of 2N4401
[EE] Looking for technique to record audio after l
[EE] Magnetic lock
[EE] MCP2551 CANbus driver behaviour
[EE] Measurement noise, signal superimposed on H-B
[EE] Measuring speaker impedance
[EE] Microwave Oven Transformers
[EE] MOSFET Gate Voltage
[EE] Mounts for LEDs.
[EE] NFC tag IO question
[EE] Ooma HD2 or HD3 mods for recording calls?
[EE] PCB trace as a 1 Ohm resistor, Peak pulse 25a
[EE] PCB trace as a 1 Ohm resistor, Peak pulse 25a
[EE] Pick & Place
[EE] Piezo driver
[EE] Placement of LED resistor
[EE] Power transmission
[EE] PSpice for TI
[EE] Re: CHEAP XY Scope?
[EE] Re: Lithium battery confusion.
[EE] RS-485 analyzer/sniffer?
[EE] Seeking audio relay advice
[EE] Simulating a push pull converter
[EE] Small Encoder
[EE] SmartNest software.
[EE] solderless breadboards VS. "Dupont connectors
[EE] Specifying the right electrolytic capacitors
[EE] SSD1306 OLED driver IC.
[EE] Stability Boundary Conditions of TL431 series
[EE] SuperCaps
[EE] The Raspberry Pi Power Plug
[EE] Thermally Protected Motor
[EE] Thoughts on this test tool?
[EE] TL431+NPN as rated series regulator? Circuit
[EE] Trying to identify IC on Brad eNetMeter
[EE] Using a microcontroller as a peripheral?
[EE] VHDL/Verilog to 74 series logic?
[EE] Voltage regulator with high input voltage
[EE] Weird iPad sign.
[EE] Winding an electric heating element, insulato
[EE] Wireless power transmission
[EE]: 2 microchip bugs in one day
[EE]: Beckman DMM Question
[EE]: Bi-Colour status LED
[EE]: How do you organize your 'notes'
[EE]: How to find & hire firmware people
[EE]: LTSpice Question
[EE]: OpAmp Max differential input voltage GL358
[EE]:: "Real" hoverboard - $5 million
[EE]:: Application Notes
[EE]:: AWG table - better than average - Wire Gaug
[EE]:: Body diode conduction insanity
[EE]:: DIY Grid tied or UPS inverter development k
[EE]:: Interesting LiIon battery - 25, 000 cycle l
[EE]:: Interesting LiIon battery - 25,000 cycle li
[EE]:: Lithium batteries - fire risks
[EE]:: Mercury Switch based inverter / Black Hole
[EE]:: Potential early Solar Panel failure mechani
[EE]:: RADAR light bulbs
[EE]:: Reversing Sinclair's amazing 1974 calculato
[EE]:: Simple DIY TDR - Time Domain Reflectometer.
[EE]:: Superb superb - "1990 LinearApplications Ha
[EE]:: TI Logic Guide 2017
[EE]:: Use of step down switching regulator for a
[EE]:: What do you wish you had known before you s
[EE]:: What do you wish you had known before you s
[EE]:: What do you wish you had known before you s
[EE]:: Your DS18B20 temperature sensor is likely a
[EE]:Power Supply Question
[OT:: Making Moonshine
[OT] Hyperikon Retrofit LED Tubes Without Ballast
[OT] Adjustable regulator down to 0V
[OT] Air quality, Dust, TVOC?
[OT] Apollo Rabbit Hole
[OT] Baen Publishing Free $10 Gift Card
[OT] Cheap microscopes
[OT] Digi-Key's database
[OT] Hyperikon Retrofit LED Tubes Without Ballast
[OT] Hyperikon Retrofit LED Tubes Without Ballast
[OT] Hyperikon Retrofit LED Tubes Without Ballast
[OT] Hyperikon Retrofit LED Tubes Without Ballast
[OT] Invitation; a lightning debrief
[OT] New laptop battery draining when shut off
[OT] organizing/grouping transistors
[OT] Pointer to class member function problem
[OT] Red monochromatic LED flashlights and/or ligh
[OT] Russell Cardiac PVI - done and doing very wel
[OT] Simple LiPo charging circuit
[OT] Simple PnP Crowdfunding
[OT] Socializing over Ham radio? (as a "young pers
[OT] Solar p;anels
[OT] soldering mild steel sheet, galvanic corrosio
[OT] T962C Reflow Oven Issue
[OT] Tags
[OT] Thermal camera use cases
[OT] WIN10 upgrade de-internets a zillion older PC
[OT] World's brightest LED
[OT]: NASA youtube stream in prep for SpaceX fligh
[OT]: Optimal speaker enclosures.
[OT]: recover files from Hard drive
[OT]: Seismo-Ionospheric, Seismo-Electromagnetic
[OT]:: And again ...
[OT]:: Atmospheric condition in Auckland NZ due to
[OT]:: COVID-19 & stuff
[OT]:: Earthview.withgoogle - Black hole one image
[OT]:: Free projection control software - open sou
[OT]:: Humour - Walking on water
[OT]:: Is Phosphine in the Venusian atmosphere evi
[OT]:: Jet suit pilot Vince Reffet dies in Dubai c
[OT]:: Likelihood of car alternator fault being du
[OT]:: some COVID19 science / tech questions
[OT]:: Tacoma Narrows Bridge failure (1940)
[OT]:: The reason for the (putative) PICList decli
[OT]:: Why did the ZX80 CPU run at only 3.25- MHz
[OT]::Any thoughts on "direct import" Chinese cell
[OT]::Cirque du Soleil freebies
[Other] replacement rework station
[PIC] MPLAB Express Debugger USB Bridge
[PIC] PIC16F627 asm locking up
[PIC] 18F...K22, K42, K40
[PIC] An In-Circuit Serial Programmer application
[PIC] Audio on Curiosity PIC32 MZ EF
[PIC] Compare Mode
[PIC] Crystal frequency selection
[PIC] How to properly set PWM duty cycle
[PIC] Interview, John Day, Microchip, The Amp Hour
[PIC] Jump Tables and Memory Access on PIC18F47K40
[PIC] MPLABX | XC8 - watching variables in multipl
[PIC] MPLAB-X won't set PWM frequency above 25Hz
[PIC] PIC16F627 asm locking up
[PIC] PICkit 2
[PIC] pricing on oldies and the future of the 18 p
[PIC] Simple GCC question
[PIC]: 18F47K42
[PIC]: faster square root
[PIC]: MPLAB XC C Compiler License Change
[PIC]: Register Powerup Default Values
[PIC]: Snap
[SPAM 29.15] [PIC] XC8 PRO Unlocking
[SPAM 29.15] Re: [SPAM 29.15] [PIC] XC8 PRO Unlock
][OT]:: Likelihood of car alternator fault being d
Driving P-channel mosfet. [EE]
Ee: [PIC] PIC16F627 asm locking up

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