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"online" programming a PIC?  Feb 21th 1
$$$ - Finder's fee offered  Jul 8th 1
(OT) Sping Loaded Battery Contacts Anyone?  Aug 31th 1
? Cheap serial 4 channel 8 bit A/D converter  Feb 13th 1, 9
??? high temperature PIC ???  Feb 11th 1
[0t]bit,byte,nibble  Mar 2nd 1
[OT] OH NO!!! Barney is PIC'ed  Apr 9th 1
[OT] CCDs  Feb 24th 1
[OT] GPS Receiver  Apr 29th 1
[ot] International Power - BOLLOCKS - dangerous  Aug 24th 1
[OT] ISD sound chip questions  Apr 7th 1
[OT] Mr. Zhu was:Good news: compatible microchip's  Oct 28th 1
[OT] pcmcia modem  Dec 14th 1
[OT] power transistor recomendation  Jul 26th 1
[OT] Reed Relay problem for 16C84 based truck ligh  Jan 21th 1
[OT] Sources for 12C508JW??  Mar 22th 1
[OT] Squibs, was: Re: protection, how?  Dec 8th 1, 47 13th 442
[OT] UK/EU compliance testing for prototypes  Sep 14th 1, 29 15th 95
[OT] Which digital storage scope to buy  Jul 14th 1
[OT] white LEDs, was Re: Strobes  Oct 29th 1
[Way OT] ABS brakes.  Jan 24th 1
12C508 cal value on window version  Mar 3rd 1
12C508: no interrupts.  Oct 22th 1
12c50x Smartcard  Dec 10th 1
36 inch tall LED digits.  Jul 28th 1, 45
Advise reg. Programmer  Jan 14th 1
Any Favorite 3V Regulator for PIC?  Feb 6th 1
anyone got promate 12c508 skt pinouts ?  Mar 8th 1
Assisgning an ID to a PIC using as few input pins  Jun 28th 1
B/Ordered. 12C508/JW  Nov 25th 1
Battery short circuit protection [OT]  Jan 21th 1, 2
Baud timing- How close do I have to be?  May 28th 1
BCD 3 digit subtraction  Mar 28th 1
Beginners question on increasing pic internal cloc  Jun 18th 1
cableTvcube  Nov 21th 1
Cheap ICE UK  Sep 4th 1
code challenge - compact I2C eeprom code  Jun 17th 1
Crystal PIC  Dec 17th 1
Decimal to Percentage Routine  Dec 8th 1
decoding service  May 29th 1
degrees C to degrees F conversion  Mar 10th 1
Difference between PIC16C54 and PIC16C54A  Oct 24th 1
dik head on the pic list  Aug 24th 1
driving servos  May 4th 1
Easter Eggs (OT)  Dec 8th 1
EL LCD Backlight  Feb 17th 1
Electroluminescent panel power controller.  Nov 27th 1
ERASER LAMP-Quick$dirty,cheap$nice  Dec 12th 1
FET's as analog switch  Dec 21th 1
fine-tuned delays (was Picstart 16b + A SNIPPET OF  Aug 24th 1
FS (UK) Picmaster, 17C4x & 16C71 probes.  Mar 8th 1
FS Picmaster, 17C4x & 16C71 probes.  Mar 8th 1
Fw: Electroluminescent panel power controller.  Nov 28th 1
Good news: compatible microchip's products availab  Oct 27th 1, 17 28th 132
graphics converter wanted dxf to gif/jpeg  Apr 2nd 1
HD Connector Needed  Jan 22th 1
Heat sinks (OT)  Apr 20th 1
How to make money with PIKs  Aug 26th 1
How to Stop cellular phones ?  Nov 16th 1, 2 17th 97 21th 574
I wish for ---, listen up Microchip!  May 13th 1 14th 92, 128
i2c on '73  Sep 7th 1, 13 8th 96
I2C Snooper  Aug 28th 1
IEEE488 on a PIC?  Aug 26th 1
integrated EEPROM in PLD?  Jan 20th 1
Interfacing to MMC  Dec 21th 1
International Time Standard: help  Mar 4th 1
LCDs and brown out  Jan 26th 1
Lithium Batteries & PICs Question  Jun 2nd 1
loads of flashing LEDs  Jul 19th 1
Looking for an easy ram buffer...  Apr 4th 1
looking for LCD backlight EL inverter schematic  Jul 20th 1
MDT PIC substitute devices from Taiwan - experienc  Jul 27th 1
medium sized H bridges?  Aug 25th 1
Microchip CAN?  Jan 31th 1
Microchip design consultant group - what is it ?  Aug 3rd 1
Mobile phone data tranfers  Aug 22th 1
Need for a new serial EEPROM protocol  Apr 12th 1
Need help with a 30 min. timer.  Apr 2nd 1
New PCB etching technique...  Jan 28th 1 30th 159
New Zealand - PIC chip supplier  Jul 28th 1
NT4  Jan 10th 1
One pin interface  Jan 30th 1, 2
Op amps  Feb 22th 1
oscillators, FCC  Jan 28th 1
OT -- USA vs. UK (was: "Re: Mark1 programming chal  Feb 19th 1, 3
OT Found a microcontroller MT-X516?  Nov 24th 1
Other cheap micros...  Mar 15th 1
PCB Boards  Dec 2nd 1
PCB Exposure Time.  May 11th 1
Pens for Writing OSCCAL Values on JW Parts  Dec 19th 1
pic based parallel port gadgets  Feb 28th 1
PIC capabilities  Apr 10th 1
PIC code squeezing (was: detecting dead PIC code s  Mar 31th 1
PIC detecting power down...  Feb 20th 1
PIC wish list  Jan 14th 1
PIC12C508  May 19th 1
pic12C508 PROG PROB  Sep 14th 1
PIC14000 Code Protection  Mar 4th 1
PIC16C54A code protection  Jul 20th 1
PIC16C87x serial bootloader development  Dec 21th 1
PIC16F87X - The kick a** flash version!!!  Dec 11th 1
PICs and Pirates  Dec 8th 1
PICSTART Lite vs. PICSTART Plus  Jan 25th 1
Picstart Plus as ISP programmer??  Mar 19th 1
Power from piezo?  Dec 1st 1 2nd 1088
Power Mosfet  Aug 26th 1
Produce 500 OTP PIC's, but each one with a serial  Aug 24th 1
programming generic array logic (GAL)  Jan 16th 1
Prototyping surface mount PICS  Jul 9th 1
Re[2]: PCB Boards  Dec 2nd 1
Reset Controllers -- Whats the Cheapest?  Apr 1st 1
ROM checksum  Jan 10th 1 11th 16
Running a PIC from batteries  May 7th 1
security etc.  Dec 8th 1
Serial SRAM  Dec 5th 1, 2
SOIC V's PDIP  Nov 6th 1
Speedcontrol using backemf with AC Motor ?  Sep 2nd 1
Squeezing it all in  Jan 17th 1
Super Caps  Mar 6th 1
Support for going the PIC way?  Mar 27th 1
Surface Mount Crystals  Nov 13th 1 19th 436
Temperature specs  Jan 16th 1
The Ultimate Peripheral: Another PIC  Jul 26th 1
Trying to make "SHIFTIN" code  Mar 6th 1
UART levels  Jan 1st 1
Unknown chip -- thanks! (was Help with unknownmicr  Jul 13th 1
UV-eraser  Dec 18th 1
Very non-PIC - Prototype panel labeling  Mar 26th 1
What PCB software.....ACCEL????  Jul 13th 1
While we're talking i2c....  Sep 7th 1
X-Ray generator  May 9th 1

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