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 Jan 16th 1
"Easy" program conversion  Oct 27th 1
(Attn. Myke Predko) Book Store Info.  Jul 29th 1
(OT) Serial Numbers  Aug 25th 1 26th 115, 122
(OT)CCD cooler was--Re: Counting encoder pulses  Jan 31th 1
(OT)WANTED: Gateway notebook AC adapter power supp  Jul 2nd 1
(OT-ish) PIC Power Supply  Feb 18th 1
[Fwd: failure notice]  Oct 16th 1
[Fwd: INDUSTRIAL PALMTOP- Used as programmer?]  Sep 24th 1
[OT] RE: 50MHZ Frequency Counter  Feb 18th 1
[OT] Vantis MACH eval kit - way to go in Australi  Dec 7th 1
[OT] ?: LED With only one battery  Jan 14th 1
[OT] CCDs  Feb 24th 1
[OT] English name  Aug 1st 1
[OT] FR4 PCB  Oct 5th 1 6th 75
[OT] GPS Receiver  Apr 30th 1
[OT] Hand-held CRO recommendations?  Jun 7th 1
[OT] homebrew plastic cases  Dec 29th 1
[OT] It's hot and my fan is broke.  Jul 17th 1
[OT] Licensing/Ownership of Software?  Aug 31th 1
[OT] Mystery LCD  Apr 7th 1
[OT] Op-amp "low battery" detector; female 0.1" he  Sep 4th 1
[OT] PCB Production  Feb 6th 1
[OT] PCB Prototype Shops  Jan 15th 1, 2
[OT] PING  Oct 2nd 1
[OT] RE: 50MHZ Frequency Counter  Feb 19th 1
[OT] Something wrong with the listserv?  Apr 3rd 1
[OT] UK/EU compliance testing for prototypes  Sep 15th 1
[OT] USB Micros  Feb 12th 1
[OT]ish Specs for USB  Dec 14th 1
[OT} 5V to 3V  Aug 10th 1
[Q] 16F84 Ultimeter 100 Wind Speed Recording  Jun 11th 1
[Re: Fast Prototyping]  Nov 21th 1
[Re: Tx,, RX, TRANSCIEVER modules]  Nov 12th 1
[Tx,, RX, TRANSCIEVER modules]  Nov 3rd 1
[Way OT] ABS brakes.  Jan 23th 1, 38
[way][OT] PDF Printer driver  Jan 21th 1
[Where Mail-Order PICPLUS programmer (U.S.)?]  Nov 3rd 1
<OT>Walkies:dig:anlg:study - NOT an urban myth.  Jul 16th 1
12C508 availability  Nov 20th 1
12C509 and 2-3mA switching CKT.  Nov 5th 1 19th 1122
16C54 Programming Help -- 4 LSB XOR FUNCTION  Sep 12th 1
16C54 Programming Help?  Sep 10th 1, 13
16C63 Runs at 5.25V not at 5.2 0or 5.00V  Jul 30th 1
16c66 emulation pod?  Jan 29th 1
16F84 minimum Vcc at full speed  Apr 4th 1
17C756 or 68HC11?  Oct 27th 1
17CXXX Beginners Question.  Dec 17th 1
2. try! 12c508 prog. problems!  Jun 4th 1
2V to 5V conversion  Feb 17th 1
386/486 for embedded systems?  Apr 22th 1
6 ways to make her want you  Nov 11th 1
A BIG THANK YOU  Jun 2nd 1
a test  May 13th 1
A/D and signal -10V..+10V  Jun 10th 1
A/D converter problem  Oct 30th 1
A/D filter  Oct 3rd 1
Adapters for picstart plus ?  Nov 11th 1
Advice on a simple 16F84 starter project.  Mar 25th 1
Advise reg. Programmer  Jan 14th 1
An Update:- PIC12C508 date code/Internal oscillat  Aug 5th 1
Answering machine chip  Oct 27th 1
Any Favorite 3V Regulator for PIC?  Feb 9th 1
Any Ideas to add more Ports ????  Jul 21th 1
Any opinions on the Scenix Sx MPU?  Aug 17th 1
Anybody have an Emulator(PIC) for sale?  May 13th 1
Anyone using Ultiboard for PCB Layouts?  Aug 18th 1
Audio compression algorithm  Mar 10th 1
Barometric Pressure and Humidity Sensors  Feb 14th 1
basic w/exe  Dec 25th 1
Beginner Help?  Aug 30th 1, 14
Beginner seeks advice  Sep 19th 1
Best way to read a POT without the A/D?  Jan 8th 1
Bit counting - Thanks all  Jul 22th 1
Bit counting (looking for old challenge emails)  Jul 21th 1
Bit test commands and ports  Dec 31th 1
Blow only once with not PIC16C84? Is it true?  Jun 25th 1
Books on PICs  Jun 2nd 1
C Compiler Comments please  Jan 13th 1
CAD simulation software for pic to GAL  Nov 23th 1
Ceramic Resonators  Mar 16th 1
Chip Programmers  Feb 17th 1
Christmas Festivites  Oct 10th 1
Clock/Calendar chip  Feb 16th 1
Compare AVR to PIC(was ATMEL)  Jul 8th 1
Counting encoder pulses  Jan 27th 1 28th 101 29th 226
creative ways to surface mount  Nov 29th 1
Crystal Tutorial  Oct 17th 1, 28 20th 197
crystals  May 18th 1
curent vs. clock speed  Nov 28th 1
D.S.P  Apr 29th 1
DALLAS button  Jul 6th 1
Daylight negative Process  Nov 25th 1
dc/dc convertors  Apr 6th 1
decoding service  May 28th 1
De-scribe please)  Aug 22th 1
Designer switches  Nov 25th 1
Dial, talk, recognize DTMF  Feb 2nd 1
Digital signal is stumping me!  Jul 15th 1
Direct replacement for 16F84  May 26th 1
Displaying hex values on an LCD in decimal?  Jul 19th 1
divide by 3  Feb 26th 1
Documentation  Mar 3rd 1
Documentation and Semiconductor companies  Jul 21th 1
DOS Command-line programming software for the Para  Mar 22th 1, 20
DOWNLOAD  Mar 12th 1
DS 1820 Silicon Problems ?  Feb 11th 1
DS1302 timechip woes  Feb 20th 1
EEPROM To 16F84 (follow up)  Oct 11th 1
Embedded Controller Handbook  Feb 27th 1
Encasing Pic in Epoxy  Jan 30th 1, 20
encoder and lcd  Feb 9th 1
FET's as analog switch???  Dec 20th 1
Firmware version 1.50 for PICStart Plus  Sep 1st 1
Firmware version 1.50 for PICStart Plus #2  Sep 2nd 1
Flowcharting 101/PIC  Nov 26th 1
FW: I«ve to edit a circuitry in a PDF  Sep 2nd 1
Gambling Machines & Random Numbers  Mar 12th 1
Generating Digital Speech cheaply  Apr 20th 1 21th 109, 110
Generating PWM  Apr 24th 1
get PICLIST  May 12th 1
Getting a PIC really HOT!! or What will make a  Jan 21th 1
graphics converter wanted dxf to gif/jpeg  Apr 3rd 1
hands causing interrupt to PIC16C73  Apr 9th 1
Help me about LCD control with 16F84  Dec 9th 1
Help needed with digital filtering.  Jan 16th 1
High gauss magnetic material  Nov 17th 1
HiTech C & Picmaster  Feb 12th 1
HiTech C questions  Mar 12th 1
Home automation with PIC  Feb 2nd 1, 9
How do comment out more than one line in Microchip  Jun 2nd 1
How to tell if WDT caused reset  Jun 7th 1
I wish for ---, listen up Microchip!  May 13th 1, 20, 81 17th 266
I2C  Feb 23th 1
I2C Ground connection  Jan 16th 1, 11
i2c on '73  Sep 5th 1 7th 79
I2C Read and Write a byte from EEPROM  Jan 23th 1, 12 24th 26
I2C/LM75/16F84 Interfacing  May 14th 1
iBUTTONS from Dallas Semi.  Sep 10th 1
In-Circuit Serial Programming???  May 14th 1
Independence Day [OT]  Jul 8th 1
Ink jet printer  Sep 14th 1
Interfacing PIC to industrial automation  Oct 29th 1
Internal Oscillators  Jan 28th 1
Interrupt inside an interrupt?  Mar 12th 1, 16
Keyboard converters  Feb 22th 1
laser filter.@670nm  Nov 19th 1
LCD Data Sheets ?  Sep 10th 1
LCDs and brown out  Jan 26th 1
Learning DSP  Jan 17th 1
LED Display driving  Jul 16th 1 20th 158
Light / Lamp dimmer  Oct 14th 1
LM032L  Feb 5th 1
loads of flashing LEDs  Jul 19th 1
Looking for information - telemarketing rejection  Nov 5th 1 19th 1063
LPT1 mode:132 under WIN95 (OT)  Feb 20th 1
Mailinglists for other uControllers?  Feb 26th 1
MC1449/14489 Where to buy?  Jan 26th 1
MC68HC11F1CFN4 MCU's for sale/ trade.  Dec 21th 1
MICROCHIP Support!  Oct 26th 1
Microchip's new website  Jun 2nd 1
MK41T56 I2C clock help needed  Feb 18th 1
Mobile phone data tranfers  Aug 21th 1
Motor controller with PIC and L293  Feb 12th 1
mpasm 2.01  Jan 4th 1
MPLAB not MPASM  Feb 16th 1
MPLAB on w95  Dec 2nd 1
MPLAB saving parameters  Jan 31th 1
MPLab simulation speed?  Mar 11th 1
MSB/LSB  Dec 1st 1
Myke's book (was PicMicro Compatibles)  Oct 30th 1
need a 35 minute loop for 16F84  Jun 1st 1
Need help with a 30 min. timer.  Mar 30th 1
Network Question  May 19th 1
New Compiler Wanted  Apr 7th 1
new website  Apr 30th 1, 25
NJU6355 Specs?  Mar 19th 1
NT4  Jan 9th 1
opacity meter  Apr 13th 1
Optical Tachometer  Mar 9th 1
Opto Couplers etc.  Jan 17th 1
Optoisolator Question  Jul 6th 1
Optrex DMF5005 240x64 LCD?  Nov 17th 1
Oring bits within a byte  Jan 26th 1
oscillators, FCC  Jan 28th 1
OT - Bill Gates and Pager Satellites  May 20th 1
OT -- USA vs. UK Leaky TV's  Feb 23th 1
OT: HYUNDAI LCD  Dec 11th 1
OT: Intro to Bovines 101  Feb 26th 1
OT: Jobs and PICs  May 11th 1
OT:Manchester encoder/decoder  Dec 30th 1 31th 18
Other cheap micros...  Mar 16th 1
Over Voltage on 16C71JW  Oct 28th 1
Parallax to Microchip  Jul 30th 1
PC (DOS) IRQ Clearing  Dec 23th 1, 19
PC Controlled PIC Project Question  Sep 28th 1
PCB AutoRouting (is it smart way ? / really Dumb )  Aug 7th 1
PIC "Smart antenna"?  May 13th 1
PIC 16c84 4bit LCD interface - I need help  Feb 26th 1
PIC and I2C bus specification  Sep 9th 1
PIC and other MCU.  Sep 29th 1
PIC as 50 MHz Frequency Counter  Feb 18th 1
PIC Book (it's GREAT!!)  Jul 22th 1
PIC Programmer for Parallel Port.  Sep 29th 1
PIC rs485 network  Feb 1st 1
Pic start programmer on NT4.  Aug 18th 1
pic tachometer...  Jan 13th 1
PIC Vref Question.  Nov 4th 1
PIC12C508 date code/Internal oscillator problem  Aug 3rd 1
PIC16C65A and LCD problem!!  Nov 6th 1
PIC16C84 Interupts  Aug 15th 1
PIC17 Dev Tools  Apr 17th 1
PIC18XXX family.  Nov 11th 1
PIC77 (74) hanging but emulator is OK  Mar 6th 1
PICLink site  May 11th 1
PICLIST Digest - 28 Jan 1998 to 29 Jan 1998  Jan 30th 1
PICList: Is anybody out there?  Sep 9th 1
PICMaster Trouble on WinNT 4.0  Nov 30th 1
PICs and crystals  May 13th 1
PICs in die form/COB  Dec 11th 1
PICs sharing same data lines of LCD  Jul 16th 1
PicStart Plus Help? --  Aug 25th 1
PICSTART Plus problems  Jun 9th 1
Picstart Plus... Help???  Aug 24th 1
Please  Aug 22th 1, 4
Please de scribe me.........  Aug 21th 1
Please Help me with The Terms!!!  May 13th 1
powersave during PIC sleep  Apr 1st 1
Problem reading from LCD in 4 bit mode  Mar 16th 1 26th -67411
Process returns after 0xFF boundary on '54  Nov 3rd 1, 3
Processor choice  Nov 11th 1
Professional PCB Schematics NOT shareware  Nov 30th 1
Protecting ADC i/p's - Thanks guys  Oct 20th 1
Protecting ADC inputs  Oct 19th 1
pseudo-asm  May 12th 1 13th 39, 122
Q's on batteries and 60Hz  Feb 2nd 1
Quadrature decoding  Dec 8th 1
Question On Picstart Plus Programmer  May 28th 1
Question re: 2's complement  Jun 5th 1
RANDOM NUMBERS....PICing the right number 101  Nov 13th 1
RE(2): (OT) Serial Numbers  Aug 27th 1
RE(2): [a bit OT] GAL programmer schematic ?  Jun 10th 1
RE(2): dc to dc  Jun 24th 1
RE(2): Difference between 16C74A and 16C74B  Nov 25th 1
RE(2): I wish for ---, listen up Microchip!  May 13th 1
RE(2): I2C/LM75/16F84 Interfacing (Aaron)  May 14th 1
RE(2): Need help with a 30 min. timer.  Mar 31th 1
RE(2): PICLIST CARBAGE  May 13th 1
RE(2): Question on comparators in PICs  Jun 17th 1
RE(2): RS-232 using PIC 16F84 or 12C509  May 6th 1
RE(2): SIMICE Problem.  Dec 23th 1
Re[2]: [Way OT] ABS brakes.  Jan 23th 1
Re[2]: PIC as 50 MHz Frequency Counter (was: "Re:  Feb 12th 1 13th 31
Re[3]: [OT] USB Micros  Feb 12th 1
Real Time Clock Accuracy  Sep 23th 1
recommend a chip please?  Nov 22th 1
Reed-Solomon code for PIC anyone?  Apr 20th 1
RF Noise  Feb 3rd 1 4th 97
Routines for T6963 LCD Controller  Jun 17th 1
RS-232 using PIC 16F84 or 12C509  May 6th 1
RS485 Bus Industrial Application  Jan 25th 1
Scenix SX and Parallax SX/Key are real!  Feb 14th 1
Scenix SX and Parallax SX-Key are real!  Feb 15th 1
Scenix virtual peripherals  May 29th 1
SCRs question ???????  Oct 19th 1
SIMICE problem resolved!!!!  Dec 23th 1
SIMICE Problem.  Dec 23th 1
Simplest way to drive LED from mains 230V  Oct 21th 1
slightly [OT] - light pipes and IRDA  Feb 12th 1 13th 61
Slow startup  Apr 29th 1
Source code request  Jan 22th 1
Spark Advance Help  Jun 14th 1
Speedometer Project  Oct 21th 1
Square wave generator  Dec 12th 1 14th 197 17th 473
Start programming for the Scenix!  Jan 14th 1
Strobes  Oct 27th 1, 2 28th 91, 92
Subscribe/unsubscribe OT  Dec 13th 1
Sun Tracking  Dec 29th 1
Supplier of PICSTART programmer in Canada?  Oct 30th 1
SX programming specifications  Feb 26th 1
Telemetry problem  Jun 5th 1
Texas Instruments design Contest  Aug 18th 1
Thank you! [2/7]  Mar 19th 1
the I2C bus Theory & def  Mar 16th 1
Time keeping  Jul 24th 1
Timing Questions  Feb 9th 1
Trace Problem with MPLAB3.40  May 13th 1
Tx,, RX, TRANSCIEVER modules  Nov 11th 1
U.M.P.S (Anybody?)  Jul 16th 1
UART levels  Jan 1st 1
Universal Serial Bus  Sep 16th 1
up/down counting  Mar 23th 1
USB info  Oct 7th 1 16th 629
USB PIC Programmer  Mar 6th 1
USB support?  Jun 17th 1
USB with a PIC  Apr 7th 1
Use of EQU Statement  Jul 22th 1
Using 16C64A's to Tx and Rx data.  Jun 22th 1
Using a PIC in a harness checker  Jun 9th 1
Using the Dallas Semi DS1820  Sep 18th 1
Vector P-173 wiring pencil  Jan 13th 1
Viewing PDF files directly on the WWW  Mar 16th 1
Voice recognition  Sep 6th 1
wake from sleep  Jan 26th 1
watching code process from one pin??  Dec 26th 1
Water injection  Jun 15th 1
WDT and PWM question??  Nov 23th 1
Weather station  Feb 11th 1
Weather station Re wind cal  Feb 14th 1
Web Page of interest..........  Aug 24th 1
website of interest?  May 5th 1
What about Scenix?  Jun 12th 1
Which Port For I2C?  Jan 13th 1

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