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*Very* off topic (culture) Was: Re: [OT] joke ...  Feb 3rd 1
.COD file format  Oct 14th 1
.COD file format?  Jul 30th 1
[going OT] USB Micros  Feb 9th 1
[OT] joke,  Feb 3rd 1
[OT] Re: reverse-engineering for commercial gain  May 29th 1
[OT] Schools and teaching  May 12th 1
[OT] Y2K compliance  Jul 11th 1
[Way, Way OT] Tamagotchis and VPs  Jan 25th 1
16 bit square root routine for 17c43  Jul 27th 1
17cXXX compiler  Dec 17th 1
1-pin debugging 'protocol'  Nov 17th 1
ASM v. C Development Time  Dec 21th 1
benchmarks  Mar 19th 1
Best way to read a POT without the A/D?  Jan 7th 1
BYTE CRAFT C  Apr 27th 1
Byte Craft C Compiler  Mar 10th 1, 29
C Compiler Comments please  Jan 13th 1
C compiler in java  Jan 29th 1
C compiler in java for PIC  Jan 11th 1
C programmers for PIC  Dec 15th 1
CCI Design contest press release  Apr 6th 1, 2
Comparison of C compilers  Jun 3rd 1
Divide by 3  Mar 6th 1
Embedded Systems Conference Nov1 to 5?  Sep 18th 1
How do I NOT a number?  May 1st 1
Identifying Bingo Balls  Oct 8th 1
Image Sensor[OT]  Jan 7th 1
Interrupt problem, was BRGH silicon bug  Sep 27th 1
Licensing/Ownership of Software?  Aug 28th 1
Linking ASM and C  Jul 1st 1
Mac  Jun 19th 1
MPLABC  Oct 24th 1, 2
New Compiler Wanted  Apr 7th 1
Optical encoders and Telescope Control  Jan 28th 1
PIC  Nov 27th 1
PIC C compiler  Jul 11th 1
PIC wish list  Jan 13th 1 14th 48
pseudo-asm  May 13th 1
quadrature decoding  Dec 10th 1
Quadrature Encoder  Dec 8th 1
quadrature encoders for telescope automation  Jan 27th 1 28th 58
ROM checksum  Jan 11th 1 12th 30
Sensor for Pulse (Heart)  Mar 28th 1
Software request  Oct 29th 1
SQRT (OT)  Feb 10th 1
Squeezing it all in  Jan 17th 1
Touch sensitive code  Jul 17th 1
uChip/CCI design contest : any results yet?  Apr 4th 1
Who wants LINUX tools  Jul 24th 1

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