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(OT)CCD cooler was--Re: Counting encoder pulses  Jan 31th 1
[OT] ?: LED With only one battery  Jan 14th 1
[OT] CCDs  Feb 24th 1
[OT] GPS Receiver  Apr 30th 1
[Way OT] ABS brakes.  Jan 23th 1, 38
<OT>Walkies:dig:anlg:study - NOT an urban myth.  Jul 16th 1
16F84 minimum Vcc at full speed  Apr 4th 1
Ceramic Resonators  Mar 16th 1
Chip Programmers  Feb 17th 1
Counting encoder pulses  Jan 27th 1 28th 101 29th 226
crystals  May 18th 1
decoding service  May 28th 1
Digital signal is stumping me!  Jul 15th 1
divide by 3  Feb 26th 1
DOS Command-line programming software for the Para  Mar 22th 1, 20
DOWNLOAD  Mar 12th 1
DS1302 timechip woes  Feb 20th 1
Encasing Pic in Epoxy  Jan 30th 1
Gambling Machines & Random Numbers  Mar 12th 1
Generating Digital Speech cheaply  Apr 20th 1 21th 109, 110
Help needed with digital filtering.  Jan 16th 1
I wish for ---, listen up Microchip!  May 13th 1, 81 17th 266
I2C Ground connection  Jan 16th 1
I2C Read and Write a byte from EEPROM  Jan 23th 1 24th 15
Independence Day [OT]  Jul 8th 1
Internal Oscillators  Jan 28th 1
Learning DSP  Jan 17th 1
LPT1 mode:132 under WIN95 (OT)  Feb 20th 1
Mailinglists for other uControllers?  Feb 26th 1
Network Question  May 19th 1
New Compiler Wanted  Apr 7th 1
opacity meter  Apr 13th 1
Optical Tachometer  Mar 9th 1
Opto Couplers etc.  Jan 17th 1
oscillators, FCC  Jan 28th 1
OT - Bill Gates and Pager Satellites  May 20th 1
OT: Intro to Bovines 101  Feb 26th 1
OT: Jobs and PICs  May 11th 1
Other cheap micros...  Mar 16th 1
PIC rs485 network  Feb 1st 1
PIC17 Dev Tools  Apr 17th 1
PICs and crystals  May 13th 1
powersave during PIC sleep  Apr 1st 1
pseudo-asm  May 12th 1 13th 39, 122
Q's on batteries and 60Hz  Feb 2nd 1
RF Noise  Feb 3rd 1 4th 97
RS485 Bus Industrial Application  Jan 25th 1
Scenix SX and Parallax SX/Key are real!  Feb 14th 1
Scenix SX and Parallax SX-Key are real!  Feb 15th 1
Scenix virtual peripherals  May 29th 1
Slow startup  Apr 29th 1
Spark Advance Help  Jun 14th 1
Start programming for the Scenix!  Jan 14th 1
SX programming specifications  Feb 26th 1
Timing Questions  Feb 9th 1
UART levels  Jan 1st 1
up/down counting  Mar 23th 1
Viewing PDF files directly on the WWW  Mar 16th 1
Water injection  Jun 15th 1
Weather station Re wind cal  Feb 14th 1
What about Scenix?  Jun 12th 1

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