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(OT-ish) PIC Power Supply  Feb 18th 1, 49
[OT] 240V in USA  Jul 21th 1, 18 22th 218
[OT] Color Filters  Apr 28th 1
[OT] ph and CO2 measurers?  Mar 27th 1
12c508 fed by 9V battery  Jul 16th 1
Assisgning an ID to a PIC using as few input pins  Jun 29th 1
Beginner problems MPLAB  Feb 9th 1
Cant Program 12c508 Config bits  Feb 12th 1
Conductivity measurement  Feb 14th 1, 13
Dual slope converters  Feb 24th 1, 31
graphics converter wanted dxf to gif/jpeg  Apr 1st 1
Help for a Neophyte  Apr 9th 1
Important revision for 16C5x/12C50x programmers  Jul 2nd 1
MPlab 3.99 and 12C508  Jul 31th 1
OT -- USA vs. UK television  Feb 20th 1
Parallax pic programmers?  Jan 18th 1
PCB Exposure Time.  May 12th 1
PCB-Layout program  Feb 6th 1
ph and CO2 measurers?(OT)  Mar 25th 1
PIC Prototyping board sources  Feb 6th 1
PIC12C508  May 19th 1
Problems with Parallax programmer  Jan 27th 1 30th 293, 295
Programming 12Cxxx  Dec 31th 1
Programming large numbers of PIC's  Feb 2nd 1
UV Eraser  May 7th 1
UV Erasers  Mar 23th 1

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