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"Dave Biondi" <>: [J] Toaster  Jun 19th 1
(OT)-PCB layout software  Sep 3rd 1 4th 121 7th 260
[a bit OT] GAL programmer schematic ?  Jun 10th 1
[OT maybe] Zero Crossover Light Dimmer Impossible?  Apr 17th 1
[OT] 240V anywhere - local power generation  Aug 19th 1
[OT] 240V in USA  Jul 21th 1 22th 209
[OT] Common Schematic Software  Aug 13th 1
[ot] Extended memory access on ISA bus  Jan 6th 1
[OT] FM transmitter  Sep 5th 1 6th 38
[OT] HP calculator  Oct 14th 1
[ot] International Power  Aug 20th 1 21th 61 24th 287
[ot] little boxes with octal plug?  Aug 13th 1
[OT] mounting SMT chip  Nov 4th 1
[OT] Opinion on ASICs  Dec 9th 1
[OT] PIC-based Digital Storage Oscilloscope  Jan 19th 1
[ot] Re: How to Stop cellular phones ?  Nov 23th 1
[OT] Re: Water injection with one mention of PIC  Jun 15th 1
[OT] SWR  Mar 27th 1
[OT](Zero crossing)  May 12th 1
[OT]'ish EMC Compliance  Sep 16th 1
12C509 to drive 12V latching relay from 24VDC?  Oct 23th 1
24VDC to 5VDC Supply - Slightly [OT]  Sep 22th 1
2's complement  Jun 5th 1
3 PWMs  May 19th 1
A/D and signal -10V..+10V  Jun 10th 1
A2D problem?  Oct 28th 1
AC power control with 12C671  Dec 11th 1
Angle sensors  Jul 10th 1
Any PIC-based Product NOT require FCC Approval?  Feb 18th 1
Archive searching  Dec 17th 1
Backup to videotape  Jan 30th 1
Bank switching ?  Jan 19th 1 20th 87
Battery consumption & LEDs  Aug 6th 1, 5
Beginner seeks advice  Sep 18th 1
Binary to BCD  Oct 15th 1
Bit setting via a variable  Feb 20th 1
BNZ instruction  Jun 15th 1 17th 107
Books fro Answering Machine project  Jan 2nd 1
C compiler in java  Jan 22th 1
ceramic resonators.  Apr 15th 1
Command Parsing  Oct 21th 1, 2
Completely stupid question - flame away!!  May 11th 1
creative ways to surface mount  Nov 30th 1
Dallas DS1380/DS1381  Aug 19th 1
Data received LED  May 14th 1
Defining Variables  Oct 19th 1
Detecting AC power line on/off  Apr 23th 1
Dial Up Adapter for PIC  Dec 8th 1 9th 150
Dial, talk, recognize DTMF  Feb 1st 1
Easter Eggs (OT)  Dec 8th 1
Eeprom  Nov 30th 1
Favoirte serial DAC?  Jul 16th 1
Floating point app notes  Feb 11th 1
FORTH  Oct 7th 1
generating random intervals?  Jan 5th 1
Identifying Bingo Balls  Oct 8th 1
Info on BCD switches  Nov 25th 1
Interfacing SRAM to 16C74A  Mar 3rd 1
Intermittent PIC operation  Aug 13th 1
Interrupt inside an interrupt?  Mar 12th 1
Inttrupt routine & another inttrupt?  Oct 21th 1
Keeping btfsc, btfss straight  Aug 14th 1
Light / Lamp dimmer  Oct 20th 1, 2
little plastic enclosures with octal plug  Aug 13th 1
Looking for information - telemarketing rejection  Nov 5th 1 20th 1285
Mains lighting control  Jan 12th 1 16th 338
Modem ICs  Aug 12th 1
More on resonators  Sep 4th 1
Morse Decoder  Nov 5th 1, 29 19th 1163 20th 1283
need to implement big lookup tables  Dec 8th 1
Network cat5 cabling question  May 12th 1
Oring bits within a byte  Jan 26th 1
Oscillators  Aug 6th 1
OT - Regulations on selling custom projects in th  Aug 4th 1
OT: RF modules  Sep 11th 1
Overclocking PICs ie 16F84  Apr 1st 1
Parallel Port host and periperhal code?  Dec 17th 1
PCB AutoRouting (is it smart way ? / really Dumb )  Aug 7th 1
PCLATH and P16C74A ??  Mar 9th 1
PIC and power MOSFET  Jun 14th 1
PIC driving a relay  Oct 26th 1
Pic Lamp Dimmer  May 1st 1
PIC Lite Optimization Opportunity  Sep 15th 1
pic lock-up  Jan 27th 1
PIC page seleclt macros  Dec 4th 1
Pic programmer problem...  Aug 5th 1
Possibility of using the PWM output as a proportio  Oct 1st 1
Process returns after 0xFF boundary on '54  Nov 4th 1
Protecting ADC i/p's - Thanks guys  Oct 20th 1
Protecting ADC inputs  Oct 19th 1 20th 56
pwroblems with pwm  Jan 5th 1
Reset Controllers -- Whats the Cheapest?  Apr 1st 1
RMS to DC conversion  Aug 18th 1, 26 19th 88 21th 286
RS232 at 38.4 kbps  Dec 14th 1
RS-422/485 with a PIC...  Jan 5th 1
Serial (SPI or I2C) SRAM  Nov 19th 1
Serial SRAM  Jan 27th 1 Dec 8th -45676
Squeezing it all in  Jan 16th 1
surface mount conversion  Jul 16th 1
Switching mains  May 1st 1
Time keeping  Jul 24th 1, 7
Timing Questions  Feb 11th 1
Touch sensitive code  Jul 15th 1
Transmitting DMX-512  Jan 5th 1
TTL clock question (and crystals)  Jan 12th 1
TTL controled light bulb  Oct 6th 1
Unused PIC Pins tied to GROUND?  Nov 4th 1
Using one A/D for two different signals  Nov 25th 1
Very non-PIC - Prototype panel labeling  Mar 25th 1
VIRUS WARNIMG  Nov 5th 1 20th 1218
Wanted: Utility that detects dead PIC code segment  Mar 31th 1

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