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[OT] FLASH (AMD 29F040)  Nov 10th 1
[OT] Intellectual Property Ownership  Mar 4th 1, 20
[OT} fast logic analyzers on a laptop?  Feb 19th 1
16C73 midi-in routine  Nov 30th 1
Anyone doing PIC MIDI?  Nov 27th 1
attachment problem on all your notes  Feb 27th 1
Audio compression algorithm  Mar 9th 1
CASE-statement?  Feb 13th 1
Editor Survey [OT?]  May 20th 1
HD637B01Y0  Feb 27th 1
Intel Hex File Format  Oct 28th 1
Licensing/Ownership of Software?  Aug 31th 1
Median Filter Code  Oct 7th 1, 8
MetaURL page for PICList updated  Oct 15th 1
Midi in to PIC problems  May 18th 1
MPLAB macro problems.  Jan 27th 1
MPLAB Serial Sim.  Jun 9th 1
OT : Verilog  Jul 31th 1
PIC Book (it's GREAT!!)  Jul 23th 1
Picklist listserver Commands[OT]  Jan 28th 1
Reply to PICLIST Please  Nov 11th 1
RS232 to HPIB (or IEEE488) bus converter?  Sep 22th 1
snip  Feb 20th 1
Version Control Packages  Sep 15th 1 16th 79
Visual Source Safe with MPLAB  Jun 9th 1
Wanted: Utility that detects dead PIC code segment  Mar 31th 1
What Schematic/PCB software to use - some addition  Jul 7th 1
why won't this code fragment work ????????????????  Feb 11th 1
Wildly [OT] but; How to exterminate Windoze passwo  Mar 9th 1

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