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 May 27th 1
5V low dropout regulator???  Sep 30th 1
5x5 keypad decoder  Mar 23th 1
A/D and signal -10V..+10V  Jun 10th 1
anyone want to sell their copy of HiTech C compile  May 13th 1
DC-DC converters  Feb 20th 1
DVP RF transmitter/receiver  Sep 6th 1
DVP RX/TX support  Sep 8th 1
EE certification  Apr 5th 1
FET's as analog switch???  Dec 19th 1
fixed point multiply  Feb 15th 1
floating point routines  Feb 16th 1
GPIB oriented uP's  May 22th 1
high intensity 7 segment displays  Apr 3rd 1
I2c clock  Feb 17th 1
I2C/LM75/16F84 Interfacing  May 14th 1
I2C/LM75/16F84 Interfacing (Aaron)  May 20th 1
IR Remote control emitter  Jan 4th 1
LCD EL inverters  Feb 25th 1
Magnetic Card Reader Project advice sought  Mar 24th 1
manchester code  Sep 11th 1
PIC UART CODE???  Jul 16th 1
PORTB interrupt on change vs TMR0 interrupt  Dec 23th 1
RB4-RB7 Interrupt Blues!  Dec 25th 1
stepper motor theory  Jan 30th 1
Unable to erase 16C65A!  Mar 7th 1

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